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Phil Peer

A member registered Jun 24, 2019

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All of my tests are done on a PC. This game will take any controller it recognizes, and try to attach its moves (not only) to Xbox controllers, but also any controller, based on generic notations (like POV, Axis, Button 1, Button 2, etc). I don't necessarily mind these impositions per se, but, if I can't disable this automatic recognition, I have a problem with that.
Traditionally, PC games would have separate Keyboard and Joystick modes. If this game had that, you could use the Keyboard mode, and then create a controller profile (with something like JoyToKey) and get total control over your controller layout, down to the last button. This would work for even REALLY weird controllers, like racing wheels and flight sticks.

Yeah, it's frustrating. I use tools that have these impositions too.

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I found this game quite appealing. It doesn't start off too difficult - it does a good job of rewarding players for trying it.

Although the game does impose a controller profile, it does (at least) come with the ability to edit "data/controls.ini". I would've preferred the game to have a built-in keyboard or gamepad toggle, but at least the INI file option is there.

Even if you disable the imposed controller profile, the game will still impose on the d-pad. This is quite common. It's not a huge deal to me. Lots of games impose MUCH more, so in this case, I'm thankful.

There doesn't seem to be a way to automatically maximize the screen. Additionally, I assumed that Alt-F4 is the right way to close the game. Alt-F4 was not included in the Game Controls list (above).

I know I'm being nit-picky, and honestly, this was a great game overall - I'm only bringing it up because there's a certain kind of perfection this game would have, with these extra provisions.

I thought this game was likeable, overall. The first level is much more complex than I would've preferred.

The biggest problem I have with the game is that it imposes a generic profile on my controller, which can't be disabled, and therefore, I can't create my own profile, using a profiler.

I downloaded this game, as part of a bigger way of testing the value of's Gamepad (Any) input category.

This game does a nice job of supporting Xbox 360 controllers, and it even adjusts its button images around it.

Unfortunately, if you plug in some other kind of controller, the game will still see it, and try to impose a control scheme on it, which is a clumsy process to get around.

I don't have any problem with games having built-in controller support, per se, but with this game, there's no way to disable the built-in controller detection code. I would've preferred the game to not include any controller-recognition functionality, because that would've actually made it MUCH more controller-compatible, given that controller profilers do exist.

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I really enjoyed every aspect of this game.

I downloaded this for an unusual reason. I am trying to get a sense of whether or not actually needs a "Gamepad" input category. It doesn't seem like it does, for two reasons.

1. From my tests, the only type of controller this game automatically connects to is an Xbox 360 controller. The game doesn't include a screen that says what the imposed 360 controls are - you'll have to use trial-and-error... I guess.
Additionally, you need Esc to get out of the game. I'm glad that this game lists its keyboard defaults, but Esc was not included in the list, and it's also not imposed on the 360 controller.

You COULD add Esc to a 360 controller, using a profiler (like JoyToKey) but that leads into the second reason...

2. No PC game needs to be categorized as "Gamepad supported" because 100% of them are controller-compatible if you use a profiler. So, this game could've been categorized as "Keyboard" and "Xbox 360" without the need for a Gamepad category.

I liked the fact that this game only seems to impose a control scheme on 360 controllers. It won't impose them on things like N64, Sega Genesis or PS4 - that greatly improves the value of those three controllers.

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Overall, I enjoyed playing through this game.

The primary reason I downloaded this was to test the value of's "Gamepad (Any)" Input category.
And... this game did provide good, relevant data.

I absolutely detest the fact that this game imposes its own controller scheme, and doesn't come with any way to disable it.
This is a game that would've actually been MORE controller-flexible if it didn't contain ANY controller recognition code. Since controller profilers (like JoyToKey) do exist, not including any controller code would've actually given this game better controller options!

Also, this game DOES have keyboard defaults, so it could've also been categorized as a Keyboard game, and (I believe) Itch's Gamepad category doesn't actually need to exist. All of the special gamepad code that this game provides is completely coercive, can't be disabled, and is not something any publishing site should be proud of.

I played this game again. I was able to beat it in about 8 minutes, with 124 retries.
So, I have gotten better at it, and I feel good about that. For a game about one beetle, it's a mighty brutal 8 minutes!

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I was aware that holding Up would allow the beetle to get across small gaps. That feature was helpful! My ending score was 504. Someone else here said "~18min and 300 deaths later" so I think I'm not as young as I used to be. I should have paused more often to take a deep breath.

Also, I like the fact that I didn't need to navigate the menus with a mouse, and that WASD took care of that. I'm always relieved when that's true - it makes setting up a controller a very quick process.

At the end of each level, there's a checkered banner (which is okay) but then there's also no scenery - it's basically just sky. I guess I can imagine some reasons why that would be. Maybe each level is like a really long stick that the beetle is trying to escape from.

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Hey there!

I wanna say that I love the fact that this game has separate keyboard and joystick modes, and that commands (like movement) aren't being forced on my controller, just because there's a controller option.

The keyboard defaults are horrible, but then again, this is the kind of game I would only play with a controller, so that horribleness doesn't actually matter.

This game is super-cruel. The beetle moves very fast, and there's not a lot of terrain to run on to catch your breath. A lot of times I'm failing, not because the beetle fell into water or a pit, but because of a bump in the path, which seems like kind of an undignified way to fail.

Overall, I like what's going on here. I wish some easier levels were tucked into this package, and I like the idea of paying for a longer (and possibly slower) version of this.

Hey there!
I notice that there are certain sections of the Unity Input feature, where a joystick command is required in the Primary column. Is there a way to get around that? This game currently imposes mouse movement on parts of controllers (like analog sticks) in a way that can't be avoided.

I should mention, it is possible to plug in 2 controllers (say, one with DualShock recognition, and the other with XInput) and choose which one is activated. This way, the other controller is always set to "None", and that is a successful workaround.

I found something crucial that this game is missing.

In the Controls feature, you can set the Controller mode to "None." That all works perfectly. However, once you have to "respawn" that setting is not stored, so you have to go back, and set the mode back to "None" again.

I hope you'll find a solution for this. I'm rooting for your success!

It seems like Select is Enter, not E.

I did play through the entire game. The 4th level was quite a challenge!! Luckily, the game wasn't SO difficult that I had to give up my controller and switch to a mouse & keyboard. The sound of shooting a incoming missile was very bold, whereas the sound of taking damage seemed like it should've stood out more. I wish there were more of an ending, but beyond those things, I generally enjoyed this game.

What are the keyboard & mouse defaults?

What are the keyboard & mouse defaults for this game?

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One of the reasons I liked Old Fashioned in the first place was that it's really friendly to local multiplayer gaming on one screen. It's also really easy to assign a character to a controller, using JoyToKey. I'm currently developing a new kind of Windows gaming home theater interface that makes it easy to use JoyToKey in a living room. Gamers will be able to create combinations of controllers (as long as Windows recognizes them). It's possible that I could bundle Old Fashioned with that software, making it a lot easier for it to get significant attention.


What are the keyboard and mouse defaults?

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Well, that's mighty generous of you. If the choice were mine, there'd be at least 20 stages - about as many as you'd expect from a Mario Kart game, and there'd be a "Choose A Stage" screen where you could simply click on a thumbnail of a stage, then enter it. If you made an update like that, I bet I could get A LOT more people to download the game, and, that would be worth paying for!

Heh heh, well, okay, if you release a version where all the levels are formatted like Alien, let me know. Do you use PayPal?

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What about making all the levels as equally zoomed out as the Alien one?

Here's another major thing : could you add some extra code that remembers the last level you were on? That way, when I leave a stage, I'm not automatically returned to the first one?

Of course, we could imagine an even more sophisticated system, where the stages have their own menu screen, which would appear every time after at least two characters have "left the screen rightward." I'm not passionately asking for it, but, I do like that idea as well. At minimum, some sort of stage memory script.
These are things I would like to fund!

Hey there, I downloaded the latest version. These news stages are pretty good. I noticed that on the new ones, the characters look smaller (or further away). Can you make them as big as they are in the first 3 stages?

Hi Jack,

Could I pay you to add a few more stages to this game? I'd like there to be a few stages that don't have any pools of water, but also don't totally have the characters looking pitch-black.


Yes, JoyToKey is my mapping program of choice. Mixing JoyToKey and NON-360 controllers with this game creates a fantastic trio.
I should mention that, in terms of creating a clean and simple multiplayer experience, this game works really, REALLY well. And, the fact is, on this site, I only give comments to the best games, so... you shouldn't stress over the 360 controller constraints - they probably aren't your fault, although I am hoping that someday, the ability to disable controller auto-detection becomes a normal feature.

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See if this helps - when I plug a 360 controller in, the game will automatically detect the controller. Having the ability to recognize a controller is not a problem in itself. But, if there were a "keyboard-only mode," the game would not recognize a 360 controller once it's plugged in. However, even in this "keyboard-only mode" there would still be a way to use the 360 controller, because I could use a mapping program (like JoyToKey) to convert 360 controller buttons to keyboard commands.

I know some people love the fact that games can automatically map an entire 360 layout, but for me, there's a major loss of choice involved. In my case, other USB-based controllers (like an N64 or Logitech) are actually more attractive for use with this game, because the game won't recognize them as controllers, and because it won't, it also won't force a controller layout.

The How To Play menu simply reveals what the keyboard and controller layouts are. That's all fine, but what I'm saying is, once a 360 controller gets plugged in, the game will force a particular controller layout on it. If there were a way to turn off the controller recognition feature, I could use another program to create my own controller layout. As it turns out, the 360 controller is actually my least favorite controller to use with this game. N64? Logitech? Dreamcast with a USB adapter? Those are all better for this game - at least I can modify the layouts.

Well, the issue isn't that I can't use a keyboard while a controller is plugged in. The issue is that, with a controller plugged in (and more specifically, an Xbox 360 controller) an entire layout immediately gets imposed on the controller. I take it that this is part of the XInput API, and I can understand why some people would want this. I personally would like to be able to use a 360 controller while simultaneously in a keyboard-only mode. If there's a way to do that, I don't know it yet.

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Could there be a future version that allows you to disable the controller auto-detect code? I don't like plugging in controllers and having a layout imposed on me.

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Hi there,

This game doesn't have the ability to choose between a "Keyboard Mode" and "Controller Mode."
I find this to be a major problem - the game will force a particular layout on Xbox 360 controllers. Can this be remedied?