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I can't tell if the viewport is just super tiny, or if it's because the hallways are so narrow, but this game could really use some zooming in or something, because even playing maximized, it felt like I had to squint to see anything. And that's at 1080p. Somebody on a 4k monitor might find it impossible. The cubes must also move way faster than I anticipated. I was trying to test their movement speed on the 1st one, but I guess I was out of range, because it didn't move. However, as I was moving my flashlight back and forth for a split second at a time, the 2nd cube came from my left and immediately killed me from the dark, meaning it practically teleported while I wasn't looking. And finally, I don't know if you really wanted this game to be a scary horror game, or more of just a stealth game, but your page seems to suggest the former. If you're really trying to scare people, that's when it's worth investing some effort into creating a scary monster or something. Normally for a game jam, I'd understand using cubes and such as substitutes due to the time constraints. But when fear is a core feature of your game, blank cubes just ruin the immersion. If you look at one of the other horror submissions (, you'll see they did almost the exact opposite: the enemies are these freaky looking aliens, but the environments are completely blank flat boxes and walls. And yet when you're being chased by a mysterious alien with bright eyes that wants to kill you, you immediately forget that you're just running around in a primitive rat maze.

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Thanks for the in-depth review :). The enemy models were a problem for me because I know next to nothing about 3d modelling, and I left it too late. But I will definitely add models for a future build. I didn't think the zoom would be a problem but I'm probably going to go with first person anyways. The speed of the enemies was a result of too much tweaking and not enough playtesting. Because I knew where all the enemies were and I found it quite easy, I kept boosting movement speed to provide a challenge but, again, it can be easily tweaked. I appreciate the feedback.