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space goats mmorpg. We're waiting

Sorry, I'm not sure which light switch you mean.

This game is really good, but on my first game I encountered a game-breaking bug where the ball was trapped on the edge of the arena. There's a picture of it here:

Love the game, really fun to play. Adding some visual effects for rockets exploding and cars colliding would be good, but otherwise its a solid game, congrats

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Thanks for the in-depth review :). The enemy models were a problem for me because I know next to nothing about 3d modelling, and I left it too late. But I will definitely add models for a future build. I didn't think the zoom would be a problem but I'm probably going to go with first person anyways. The speed of the enemies was a result of too much tweaking and not enough playtesting. Because I knew where all the enemies were and I found it quite easy, I kept boosting movement speed to provide a challenge but, again, it can be easily tweaked. I appreciate the feedback. 

This game is great! Love the soundtrack and the graphics. This is definitely a game I could see myself playing on a bus journey if it was on mobile.

I tried to fix the spinning thing but I just decided that I'd hope no one found it xD