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Is there a specific reason that the mouse button is used for attack rather than using another keyboard key? I've noticed this trend in itch platforming games lately where the mouse is used for attacks that don't need any sort of aiming or anything. The mouse button is just being used instead of a key.

This makes a lot of games very hard to play on laptops that disable the touchpad for a brief time to prevent errors while typing.

I'm honestly curious why there's this (seemingly) recent fascination with the mouse button on platforming games. Are people just so used to FPS games that they use WASD/mouse as the default controls for everything? Are laptops that disable the touchpad just so rare that nobody realizes they exist, or they're rare enough to be irrelevant?

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I just didn't know what other key to use.

if wasd control schem, ususally the jkl keys are used for jumping, attacking and stuff.

if it's arrow key movement games usually use
xcz (which is a royal pain for german casuals since with german keyboards, the bottom row of keys is yxc (namely its a qwertz keyboard), so you have to have an weird way of moving your left hand)
anyways xcz is in this case used for attack, jump and stuff.

but this is jsut my basic observation how simple browser games commonly place their controls. if it needs more than 3 basic actions, then stuff gets more complicated anyways.

but yeah, for browser games (or actually any sort of game) I prefer pure keyboard too.

cause if one hand has to be on the mouse, then the other hand can literally only be used for movement and nothing else :-)