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I found a bug. I decided to sacrifice merchant in the end. But in epiloque it said Analis (MC) sacrificed herself.

great and funny game ♥ 

Was this on a play-through after you'd already sacrificed yourself? I think the problem was a missing variable definition at the beginning... Please let me know.

I had a choice at the end - who to sacrifice? I chosen merchant. But later, in epilogue it was said that Analis (MC) sacrificed herself and statue of her was build.  


Hi. I had the same thing happen and it was my first playthrough. Sacrificed the merchant but it says I was sacrificed. Also said something about an evil sacrifice. I don't know if it was me it was referring to or the merchant. I don't think I was evil.

I had assumed the 'sacrifice' it was talking about was when you were brought into that satan chamber by Gus to be a sacrifice for Kuro.

I sacrificed the mayor in my first playthrough, so I can't help you there.