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I'm gonna stalk this now. No escape.

Thanks for posting this, haha, I like to see people's reactions. I'm working very slowly on adding more variation and fixing up the glitches.

I was using it as an example of function. I'm not 100% on what you've implemented, but if you put a string identifying events, it should be simple enough to write a skip that reads for the next flag. Depending on how you've put the events into the game and how you tell time in game, among other things will affect what kind of code it would require, or if you'd have to re-code any of it. I'd have to actually look at the script to be able to give better advice lmao.

I probably have no real weight in this matter, but what about a skip function that has a stop at predetermined flags at any event? I think a good way to reference it would be DMMD's Nitro skip, which skips straight to the next choice from any point. You could create it using a predefined variable I'm sure-- though I've yet to implement it in any of my work. You could then, in theory, set a day limit for the skip as well, so that whichever is reached first will end the script.

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Hey- all these sprites were taken from artists that released their work under CC for non-commercial use. They were all credited, but that one specifically was made by Shida, in their Lemmasoft post titled Otome Sprites by Shida (CC-NC-SA).

Was this on a play-through after you'd already sacrificed yourself? I think the problem was a missing variable definition at the beginning... Please let me know.

Yes. Yes. This is the point. I was struggling so much to just get the full story out of the way, I killed my soul in the journey. Adding 3-4 variations in just one story-line was already a big burden on the story-linking in the time-frame, but I definitely have some plans that involve Kuro and the Wizard. I didn't get to flesh out the reasons behind the wizard, or the relationship between Kuro and...... Yeah I'm spoiling too much... Hehehe. You'll find that there is one defined ending with three variations at this point, but if you play violently, there is a link to another side of the story I never got to fledge out. There is an option to completely ignore Emily's quest-line that I had to hash out half-way because of the estimated time to code. I have so many ideas for this that I have to slowly add to it, and different ways for the player to keep track of their items and past choices so it's easier to play...... But yes, thank you for bringing this up so I had somewhere to air this. If you've failed the fight with the Wizard, and died there, you'll see a link to a different side of the story, but I guess it's a bit hard to expect, since... Rng. I also wanted to put a lot more between Grace and ___, but I'm not sold on creating options that could break up their relationship...... It could be interesting, but the characters are based off of reality, and so I might create an option that could break my relationship, haha....

Thank-you, sincerely, for taking the time to play and even comment on this project.

I love it. I've been following since Lemma forums, and I was pumped to see what you released. It's all too cute and positive in the right ways. I'm looking forward to the full release.

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This is such a cute idea, and the writing suited it very well. I love the use of shorthand and short sentences, which really brought out the 'burst of thoughts' in the game. Good job!

Oh shit gotta upload

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Rip me x'D

Hope everyone else had a super fun time and got their stuff out in time!