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Uploaded the wrong game and then missed the deadline :')

A topic by Pacermist created Apr 02, 2018 Views: 278 Replies: 6
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Rip me x'D

Hope everyone else had a super fun time and got their stuff out in time!


I missed the deadline too, but simply because my file didn't want to upload at all till 8:00 T T


Noooo!  I uploaded a game sans build.  Haha.  You can always just tag 'nanoreno'


Extended the deadline a couple days for anyone having upload problems.

If you're seeing this after the extended deadline and you need a late submission key, tweet me at sakevisual.


Thank you very much! <3


Bless the extended deadline. I tried to upload a 4/5ths finished game with possibly a hundred bugs before the deadline. The upload took too long and I missed it, but now I'm able to fix the game and polish it up.


Oh shit gotta upload