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Oops, super late response, but dating sims count as VNs. There's some fuzzy area, since VNs are typically classified as 2D text-heavy games, and it's probably possible to make a 3D procedurally generated dating sim with a shooting element or something, but generally speaking, yes, dating sims count.

It's a pretty nebulous idea, but as long as the game is largely plot-centric rather than mechanic-centric, it's probably okay. The rule is mostly in place to prevent some of the "jam spam" that's popped up in the past few years of people spamming their games across a ton of unrelated jams.

No nudity! RE: Alistair++ is family friendly.

Sweet! Glad you're enjoying it!

They do! I uploaded they keys recently, but you should be able to claim them now.

They're in limbo at the moment, due to a lot of things, but it looks like the store pages and ETA should at least be up by the end of the month.

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We understand that it's a steep price for some people, so we participate in sales pretty regularly, with some rather big discounts. In fact, if you're reading this within 23 hours of this post date, I think the Steam Summer Sale is still going on. We also participate in all of itch's sales. I'd encourage you to follow us on social media. I always announce sales there, and you'll also find updates on our free projects as well.

Extended the deadline a couple days for anyone having upload problems.

If you're seeing this after the extended deadline and you need a late submission key, tweet me at sakevisual.

Yes, definitely! IntRenAiMo has no time restrictions.

This has updated sprites, some extra CGs, and it's built on the latest version of the engine so there's a lot more compatibility with modern computers. The story and gameplay are the same.

Looks like it's back up to me, although I did get logged off the forums, so it was probably down for a bit.

Haha, if it made you laugh, then I am happy.

This game isn't based on an existing anime series. The animated sequences in the trailer were done as promotion for the game.

It might be a problem with Firefox. Try downloading it using a different browser.

That could be an issue with how your browser handles's code. Try using a different browser to download it if you can. If that doesn't work, we also have a mirror of this file on ModDB:

At certain events you can choose to go to the mall. If you don't run into someone there, you can pick a shop to visit. You can buy as many items from the shops as you can afford.

Which operating system are you using?

No. The gameplay format is visual novel point-and-click only.

Thank you! And thank you for playing!

The file shouldn't be protected. It's automatically generated by Ren'py and doesn't have any password protection. I've added a second upload (Windows only - let me know if you need the Mac version instead). Hopefully that will work.

If you're on a Macbook, you'll want to look for If I recall correctly, it'll have a big purple icon.

Glad you're enjoying it! If you need a little bump, there are hints and a walkthrough at our website:

Chrome is not currently supported, but it's definitely something we're working towards getting off the ground. Right now, you can play on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Did you unzip the file first? It should go into a new folder, then you'll see a file called "realistair.exe." That's the game.

Have you gotten the alone endings as well? There are two you have to get before the bonus part opens.

Rebautice el nombro del archivo a ""

Try removing the period between 1.1 in the filename. Your computer may be parsing the file incorrectly.

Try removing the period between 1.1 in the filename. Your computer may be parsing the file incorrectly.

Unzip the download into a new folder, then look for "realistair.exe" and run that.