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I've uploaded a Windows version that you can unzip and play. Will try to get it compatible with the itchio app shortly, but it should work this way for now.

It should be available. Which operating system do you use?

It is totally fine to sell anything you create for this jam!

Hello! So glad to see you're joining us this year! Ashe has been posting a series of useful tips on twitter:

My personal suggestion is to plan to finish making your visual novel in two weeks. Everything always takes longer than expected, so it's a good idea to really keep the original scope very small. That way you can spend the rest of the buffer time polishing and refining what you made.

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Will add to the list as people submit content.

LemmaSoft Creative Commons Forum (lots of stuff here):

Character Sprites:


Thank you for reading, and for your kind comments! The first draft of the sequel is complete, and I'm currently working on edits. I hope to have it out soon!

Thank you! I'm very happy to know you enjoyed it. Cally is genderfluid, leaning more towards male or female at any give point in time. However, they always carry at least some of both, so any pronouns are correct.

And I am in the middle of writing the sequel right now. I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Barely. The main character does develop a crush, but it all takes a back seat to the story.

Thank you for reading! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

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NaNoRenO is and always has been a community event. While I'm happy to be part of organizing it, I don't make the rules, and I don't control the community. That being said, several people have expressed a desire for an extended deadline, as our current global health conditions have put several teams behind schedule. To accommodate those requests, I've edited the deadline to include two extra weeks. Whether you choose to use this time is entirely up to you, and I hope you NaNo in whichever way is best for you. I've renamed this page NaNoRenO2020+ to reflect that this is not the traditional NaNo.

Please do not think of this as time to add more to your VN. In fact, all those things you thought you might have to cut out? You should probably cut them out anyway. (Speaking from personal experience.) Thank you for reading, and I'm cheering for all of you.


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No idea, but we've got a ton of the assets done for it finally! We're aiming for this year. You can swing by our Discord channel if you haven't already to keep track of my progress.

Other gameplay elements are fine as long as you would still pitch it as a VN and not an RPG.

Do you have a WIP itch page for your NaNo project? Share it here so we can track each others' work and dev logs!

Everyone's feelings are going to be different on this, so for a sort of nebulous answer:
If you'd sell it as "a visual novel with puzzle elements" (999), versus a "puzzle game with visual novel elements" (Professor Layton), then it's a visual novel.

As a personal opinion, I think at least 50% of the gameplay should be visual novel component for it to count in this specific instance.

Traditionally, a you'd submit your VN once it's complete (or in a complete-like stage, as some people do demos). It might be a good idea to start a thread sharing our WIP pages, though. Would love to see what everyone's up to!

Absolutely! You're welcome to use any engine you like, as long as you make a visual novel with it.

NaNoRenO is an annual event that takes place every March. We would love to see you participate as often as is reasonable for you!

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We're in the pre-production phase, so let's talk about your VN's scope! What's it about, and how big do you intend it to be?  

If your VN has a branching storyline, start outlining your story tree. How many scenes do you have to write in total? Is there a visible way on your tree to get to each of the endings? Are there choices or branches that don't seem to lead anywhere? Time to start pruning! What's your wordcount goal? How many words per day will you have to write to hit that?  Now imagine you only have half as many days instead. That's your actual daily word count.

How many sprites, CGs, backgrounds, or other images, will it have? What are your plans for sound? Will you be adding any extra features? Make a list of the ones you absolutely need to make the VN function, and prioritize those.

Time Management
How much time do you have to spend on these items? What about your team members? Be sure to agree on clear deadlines for the assets ahead of time.  Factor in weekends, and life events when you build your schedule.

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Alright. I will see if I can rebuild it to make it work. Which version of Windows are you using?

Are you using a Mac?

Just checked, and itch says there are still available keys for Yousei. Added a couple more just in case. Please try requesting one again.

Oops, super late response, but dating sims count as VNs. There's some fuzzy area, since VNs are typically classified as 2D text-heavy games, and it's probably possible to make a 3D procedurally generated dating sim with a shooting element or something, but generally speaking, yes, dating sims count.

It's a pretty nebulous idea, but as long as the game is largely plot-centric rather than mechanic-centric, it's probably okay. The rule is mostly in place to prevent some of the "jam spam" that's popped up in the past few years of people spamming their games across a ton of unrelated jams.

No nudity! RE: Alistair++ is family friendly.

Sweet! Glad you're enjoying it!

They do! I uploaded they keys recently, but you should be able to claim them now.

They're in limbo at the moment, due to a lot of things, but it looks like the store pages and ETA should at least be up by the end of the month.

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We understand that it's a steep price for some people, so we participate in sales pretty regularly, with some rather big discounts. In fact, if you're reading this within 23 hours of this post date, I think the Steam Summer Sale is still going on. We also participate in all of itch's sales. I'd encourage you to follow us on social media. I always announce sales there, and you'll also find updates on our free projects as well.

Extended the deadline a couple days for anyone having upload problems.

If you're seeing this after the extended deadline and you need a late submission key, tweet me at sakevisual.

Yes, definitely! IntRenAiMo has no time restrictions.

This has updated sprites, some extra CGs, and it's built on the latest version of the engine so there's a lot more compatibility with modern computers. The story and gameplay are the same.

Looks like it's back up to me, although I did get logged off the forums, so it was probably down for a bit.

Haha, if it made you laugh, then I am happy.

This game isn't based on an existing anime series. The animated sequences in the trailer were done as promotion for the game.

It might be a problem with Firefox. Try downloading it using a different browser.

That could be an issue with how your browser handles's code. Try using a different browser to download it if you can. If that doesn't work, we also have a mirror of this file on ModDB:

At certain events you can choose to go to the mall. If you don't run into someone there, you can pick a shop to visit. You can buy as many items from the shops as you can afford.

Which operating system are you using?