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Sorry I didn't see that "objective" bug reports were supposed to be posted to this thread - I'm going to merge my thread into this one. I believe I saw this on version #74846:

I was trying to craft but then I was unable to pick up items from my inventory screen. Then i got a vm abort. I'm not sure if I can reproduce it but here are some recent saves (I was using DOOM2.WAD) and a screenshot:

No worries! Thanks for the report. I added a few checks to this part of the code and haven't been able to repro it, let me know if you see it again.

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Getting this same problem on build 54. Rather constantly, in fact. Never on the first level but often within 3-4 stages. The inventory screen just does not respond to any clicks at all, and if you click to much you end up getting the "crash" a bit after you leave. Hovering functionality works fine though (item names and the glow around crafting spots).

Here's a save. Doom.wad.

Thanks! I just pushed an update (build 58) that totally refactors the crafting and related inventory code, so it should be more robust now. I can't repro the issue as described in the new build.

It looks like it's mostly fixed; I'm not getting it the majority of the time. I did run into one time though. It no longer ends in an out of bounds array access, no matter how much i tried to poke it, and unlike before while it stuck in the save file it didn't stick around when I reloaded from the beginning of the stage.

Here's the link. doom.wad again.