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Finished up and found two more things going wrong in MAP30:

First, at least in Doom 2's map 30, if you talk to the one and only enemy and try to get his quest too quickly, GZDoom freezes and needs to be end-task'd. I think the point at which your are safe is when the first cube lands and spawns a demon; merely waking the boss brain isn't enough.

Second, if you pick up and throw the Wacky Wizard around somewhere before talking to the Wizard, this happens.

Ran into another fun little quirk: you can be asked to get a switch texture that you can't get anymore, because you pulled the one-time switch with the texture and now it's another texture. The detector gem still points to the pulled switch, but grabbing the texture doesn't solve the quest. Tripped me up on Sever The Wicked; was asked to get the "skull switch on wood" texture in the "unpressed" state, but the only switch of that type is the one right next to the starting point and I already turned into the "pressed" texture right off the bat.

Quests can end up on the boss in E3M8 (and presumably E2M8), making them uncompletable because talking to them ends the stage. Currently it's happening on E3M8 in level-based randomness mode.

It looks like it's mostly fixed; I'm not getting it the majority of the time. I did run into one time though. It no longer ends in an out of bounds array access, no matter how much i tried to poke it, and unlike before while it stuck in the save file it didn't stick around when I reloaded from the beginning of the stage.

Here's the link. doom.wad again.

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Getting this same problem on build 54. Rather constantly, in fact. Never on the first level but often within 3-4 stages. The inventory screen just does not respond to any clicks at all, and if you click to much you end up getting the "crash" a bit after you leave. Hovering functionality works fine though (item names and the glow around crafting spots).

Here's a save. Doom.wad.