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I like the in-depth strategy in this game. I have played the map Aborigina several times by now and I quite like it. Some places are more disadvantaged than others but that's for my part of the charm. 

For example, the position of red was far more than the other two starting positions. The settlements 25,6 and 16,11 were easy to grab, where settlement 22,13 was somewhat contested by blue in the first 7 rounds. But blues intentions quickly drew towards green. And as for 13,12 it depended on green and you, how fast you want to capture it. But you still have to assemble a large enough force to repel them because of the RNG or even play on the defensively for a while. This leaves you at the beginning of the game in the 15-25 rounds with 4-5 settlements. But you still far from being unbeatable if you decide to go on the offensive in the early game. 

Blue was quite the opposite, with only 24,24 as an easy grab. You had to rely on speed to capture the settlements 19,24; 19,17 and 22,13 let alone holding it. To put it in the perspective of the viewer: After the capture of the three settlements. I was constantly on the defensive and was only able to strike at their weakest moment. There were many times the lines cracked under the pressure, many times I had to give up a settlement.

I only had won 1 time as bleu, maybe because of the RNG. I wasn't able to re-create that situation ever since. But damn that was fun. I had slightly fewer battles than the two A.I's combined.

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The pre-release play-testers also often debated whether a particular victory or defeat was just because of good/bad luck. Due to that the game debriefing statistics provides the two key figures "battles won" and "odds". If the length of the bar below battles won exceeds the length of the bar below odds, then luck was on your side. If your average odds value exceeds 0.5,  then you decided wisely when and where to fight, independent of the eventual outcome...

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One time when I assaulted an enemy settlement, wiped out its defences and had it separated from incoming reinforcements leaving only one infantry unit in the settlement then and I surrounded it at all 4 sides and I attacked the settlement but despite all the supporting units supporting the unit I used to attack the settlement the red unit in the settlement still managed to make my attacking unit to retreat and that gave enough time for more reinforcements to flood the site. Is this bad luck or is it because of my foolish choice/s like not to use my reserves?

I would consider outcome not improbable. Let's say you have a settlement surrounded by 4 infantries and the settlement is defended by a single infantry.  If now one of your infantries attack, the odds on your side are  attack 3 + 3*1 support = 6 against 4 defense *2 terrain = 8 .  So your success probability is only 43%! If different unit types or counts are involved, the individual numbers need to be adjusted, but generally infantries within settlements make formidable strong points.  Unless you manage to provide some artilleries to support your assault from behind...