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Just finished a playthrough of the game... and oh dear... I'm literally crying. It's not even something close to home to me, but man I got so invested in the characters! Not only the game is gorgeous music, art and GUI wise, but the story was so beautiful!

I must say I've REALLY enjoyed the twist by the end. I was wondering what was off with my character because of some of his reactions that were not up to me, but I honestly didn't expect that, it was great. 

I got the "so let's go where we're happy" ending, and I love it so much! Am I right to assume it's the best ending out of the 4?

Anyway, I'm really in love with the game! Thank you for creating such a gem!

HOW. I've played through multiple times and gotten the other 3 endings but not that one. Its driving me mad. Plz tell me your secret
(awesome game by the way!)

Hmm well... I couldn't really do a walkthrough but...

------SPOILERS AHEAD------

I've tried to always choose optimistic and respectful choices. Admitting faults if needed or backing down if Brandon's opinion seemed right, but I've tried not to hesitate either when the MCs opinion seemed to be the more reasonable one. I believe that when talking about music and so on, I've always picked the options that would imply the MC knows about the bands and events Brandon was talking about, even if I wasn't, and I've never asked directly about how was school, only if he feels good / better, how was his day and so on. Also, I've always acted in favor of meeting IRL at any possible point, and reassured Brandon that it's normal for people to be different online and in real life, but that the MC would never think of him a weird or anything in real life. In cases where the MC was telling him it's impossible to meet because various family reasons, always told him he'd rather meet him, or stay online longer or whatever. After the argument, I've decided to apologize every time it was possible and say the MC deserved Brandon's anger, and to be honest about having a reason for ditching him and telling it was because he got nervous to meet him.  I dunno if that's important, but when saying hi and goodbye, I've always chosen the polite and friendly options, but without being too familiar, like calling him bro and so on.

Hope it helps!

Thanks!! Not even sure what I even did differently but it worked! Defo the best ending, glad i got to see it.

You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Thanks very much for playing our game and sharing your thoughts! We're so glad to hear that it had such an impact on you, as we wondered if people would be able to be invested in the story or the characters if they didn't personally relate to them or the setting!

Yes, the 4th ending is considered the "true" or "best" end -- and congratulations on getting it your first try, since it seems like a lot of people have had trouble getting it, haha.

It's hard not to feel invested since the characters are so fantastic haha! And There's something really compelling to be about not knowing everything about the character I'm controlling, too.

And thanks! I guess my years of playing visual novels of all sorts helped me haha