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Hey, thanks for the feedback, I'll make some clarifications in the rules in the morning. But for now:

  1. Yes, one player is Seagulls, the other is Seals.
  2.  The card stacks are face-up, so you can see what your opponent will be placing.
  3. A line of cards is a straight line, either orthogonal or diagonal, with no bends.
  4. A card is connected as long as it is adjacent to another card that is part of the contiguous group of cards with the anchor in it, regardless of arrows.

Awesome, thanks for the clarifications! So the arrows only apply when placing the card relative to the coin card?

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That is correct. Also, thanks for the purchase!

We took this camping! Ended up in this situation here. Not sure how to proceed.

I did not foresee this scenario.

I think if one player can't play, the other player gets a point and the coin moves to the anchor. Does that sound fair?