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Unfortunately it's a solo experience, but definitely you can see who gets the higher score!

Not sure! I don't foresee a stop to creating new cards for a while.

Good question! It's a double KO and yes, it's a loss.

In essence they are destroyed resources, but the sake of simplicity you'd turn them into dirt. 

That's a really great idea! I may do that. It's definitely a lot easier for me to produce than sticking them on for you.

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That's kind of you! Hope you enjoy it.

Very cool! If the Fortify die matches the Assault die, I'm assuming that's doubling 0, thus 0?

Hello! Monsters Over Pancakes actually got an expansion last month and I plan to do another this month.

I've been thinking about adding more to "And My Tax" as well, but that's sort of in the back of my mind. I certainly would not say it's closed though! Thanks for playing!

Nothing! I'm just glad you get to try it out. I really need to work on another few zines!

No problem! Thanks so much for playing!

I can see why that's confusing. It's the opposite of health -- your attack starts at 0 and you have to acquire a weapon to increase it.

Howdy - the location of the items is the same, but the map is different for each one.

Right now those exclusive cards are tied to the Gamefound campaign. That's the agreement I signed with BestWith1, so that's the way it has to stay for now.

yep it’s a solo game! You have a party of 3 monsters with 1 active at a time.

At this point you can probably ignore the exact cards you see on the campaign page. There will be 3 store cards (6 sides), but they're not what they have in that big graphic. You're like a QOC historian! You know more than I do.

That’s quite a bit of investigation! I’ll have to see where the discrepancies are. I feel folks will be fine if there are extra cards, but are more curious to being as accurate as possible.

Yes! Thank you for asking!

Hm, that's odd. I'll check, but those promos don't appear in the set of cards I sent over.

Unfortunately it's a bit unclear. There are comments in the comments section that clarify: the Gamefound version will only have up to "Resolutions". I've always considered up to that expansion as Volume 1.

Anniversary, Thanksgiving, and CNY 2024 will not be included in that set.

Thanks for playing! I also got recommended this tool:

I haven't tried it myself, but people have talked about it on Martin's  PnP Facebook group.

Ah, interesting! Let me talk to the publisher.

They are not. Patreon promos will stay with Patreon members.

It's going to be up to Resolutions. There's 9 exclusive cards, 5 of which will be part of the new Adventure Mode.

Correct! That would be the back of the cover. You could effectively just print out Page 2 front and back, fold it, and have all the info you needed.

Thank you so much for playing!

Great question! The original intention was the Special Condition triggers once.

Thanks for playing!

Hello! You actually have to get all of those numbers listed. So in this case your dice roll has to be a, 2, 3, and 4.

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing! I read the Nokia comment on your YouTube page. I definitely owned a Nokia phone with Snake.


Thanks for playing!

I realize the rules could be clearer on this. Phase 1 Questing is you questing against any of the face up 5 Quest cards. Then you do the Shop card. Then you flip over the remaining 5 Quest cards to do Phase 2 Questing on the remaining face up 5 Quest cards. 

You deal them face down so you don't know which Quest cards you have for the second set of Quests after the Shop card.

If it helps it acts like this:

Phase 1: Q Q Q Q Q


Phase 2: Q Q Q Q Q

Final Scoring

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm so glad that you enjoy them and play them!

New file got uploaded with Journey #01 included.

#02 was the Tournament in the original base set and #03 was the Fishing Village. I haven't decided if I'll be making those into zines just yet, but likely those won't be exclusive to Patreon.

The Character cards from v1 are the same, so you only need to print out the zines.

No problem! The Character cards from v1 are the same, so you only need to print out the zines.

That's very kind of you to say! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, King Tournament was Journey 2.

Ah! Makes sense. Let me see if I can format it quickly and upload.

Hello! Can you fill me in on what you mean by "pages"? Do you mean Pages on Mac?