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Alexander Shen

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I agree with you 100%. I need to properly learn to code AI stuff. Hot seat play is way more interesting. :)

Terrible game is now available for all! Submitted.

Lookin' slick!

Excellent! Can't wait to give it a go. At first I saw the eye as a mustache and thought this is a good Anchorman game -- some Ron on Ron.

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Submitted! You can download today! https://alexandershen.itch.io/aswg-live

Day 4? Day 5?

Have some UI polish left and some additional sound FX to put in. CPU is a little tough right now, so will have to dumb it down a little bit in terms of the mini-game. There's also a weird split-second bug that happens from the lunging animation and initiating the mini-game. Other than that, I think I'm about done! 

Oh, and some option menu stuff (SFX, show WASD instead of Arrows for Player 1). Also plan on doing a small instruction booklet PDF in the size and style of old Famicom games.


I'm a big fan of professional wrestling, warts and all. Decided it would be fun to distill some of the action down to this 64 x 64 game jam.

The game play is pretty simple:

Players move left or right in the ring. If they collide, a mini-game where the players have to enter a 4-key combination appears at the top of the screen. The first wrestler to do that scores the hit. Wrestlers may also lunge to gain a free hit, but are only allowed to do 4 per match. Wrestlers may also time a counter to the lunge, but timing is difficult and missing the counter doubles the damage done to you.