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Updated the link. Didn't know these expired!

The theme will be Science!

Patreon members are voting on what the next theme is going to be! If you're interested in being a part of the vote (and getting access to all Quests Over Coffee promos), check out the Patreon!

Link: Patreon for Quests Over Coffee

Just uploaded a sheet with 9 Items and another sheet with 9 Quests on the Template page:

So a single sheet that has 9 Item templates on it? Let me know, thanks!

Just added! Thanks for playing!

lol that's awesome! thank you so much for including me in that video. you waited for it to hit the corner!

Absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing it!

Looks like USB sideloading is the only option right now.

Thanks for the info! Appreciate you downloading it. Hope it brought a smirk/smile to your face. :)

This looks like my kind of game! Can't wait!

That TI-83 game (Fall Down) is exactly the inspiration for this game!

lol I'm speechless. Not even sure how to track down this bug. In any case, nice moves!

This felt really comprehensive. Gave me of a strong feeling of Karateka (but much faster) and Kung Fu. I thought the use of the dodge mechanic was well implemented. For myself specifically would have also liked it to work if you held down first and then hit a direction (found myself holding down a lot).

Graphically it felt really robust too. Really got a sense of being there with the background and gates. Loved that there were also different enemy types too.

Great work!

This was really neat! I love the use of so much of the keypad here. Clever design and I feel a good execution on the "you're the level". Thanks for sharing it!

The "!" means the lanes are going to get a little closer together!

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I appreciate the conversation. I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something dumb. I honestly don't think there are any subpixels going on here.

The minimum movement for the ship is 1. In the code it's "x += global.playerSpeed" (which is 1). I've uploaded a video with it changed to key press. You can see the 10x10 ship has 74 positions it can be in. When running at full speed, it looks a lot smoother. If I put the game down at 30 frames a second or 15 frames a second, you can definitely see the locking in place.

Someone let me know if I'm off base here. Thanks!

And here it is running at full speed. Same 74 positions.

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lol it's definitely 84x48 -- here is the title screen. I take that as a compliment if it seems I'm doing more within the limits!

I admit the difficulty being "upgraded" is definitely a stretch. Fortunately, the theme is optional!

lol I'll admit this one is pretty brutal on the eyes after a while. Thanks for playing!

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It shouldn’t have any float or subpixel movement in the game. All movements are done at a minimum of 1 pixel at a time.

It’s the main reason I couldn’t add parallax scrolling for a starry background. They move the same speed as the ship, 1 pixel per update, so it just got too fast and chaotic.

Happy to share the source if people need to see it.

Creator top score: 5187

Eyes kind of hurt now. lol

The demo are the 3 maps included with the instructions. The full version has 100+ maps. I'll put up a video soon showing how it should be played!

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This should work as a card game. 5 suits, 9 cards for each suit. 1 card for start. You'd likely shuffle the cards, deal out 35, insert the 1 card for start, shuffle again, then make a 6x6 grid.

Clearly I had thought about it. lol

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That's a great idea! Already in process actually trying to figure out logistics. For you would you rather it be coil bound or perfect bound (i.e. regular book)?

Also I loved Tiny Paper Dungeons. That whole Paper Apps thing was awesome. The d6 for movement felt a little weird to me, but I totally understand the reason for it.

My newest adventure / visual novel has been released! It's the first game using the GSEngine and hopefully the first of many. Follow Sadie Cat as she navigates a spooky house to save her best friend Mao.


I also created an instruction manual in the style of Gameboy and Famicom games. Thanks for playing!

I don't actually. Feel free to put them in any order.

Wow! Thanks! You can send it to alexander.s.shen [at]!

That sounds great! Can’t wait to see what you can come with. 

Sure! Feel free to translate and share. When it's done, I'd also to add it to this game page as well.

What ultimately got the thing working for me was right clicking on the executable > Show Package Contents > Contents > MacOS > Mac_Runner.

Since then double-clicking the app seems to work ok without the above workaround, but exporting doesn't work (lol). Thus the above way is also the only way when I hit "export" do the .png or .gif sprite sheets actually save. Perhaps a weird permissions thing I don't understand?

Anyway, hope this helps folks!

I'm not sure. Tiny spider things probably? They look like candies to me, actually.

Cute! Really nailed the GB vibe and tone. World is surprisingly fleshed out with fun tidbits here and there.

Awesome! Does "near other waves" mean within 1 square?

When I was typing it out I almost typed "Happy Tree Friends" as well. It's my homage / museum to Animal Crossing. The only other series that has that has left that kind of impression on me are the first 4 Layton games.

I really like what you did here. One of the ideas I always play around with is the idea of a digital museum one can walk through. I tried to do that with "Happy  Friends Museum" and would like to revisit the idea again.

Naw, this thing's legit. #truth

I am flesh destined for the grave. Never a truer fortune been told!

Definitely don't change the 2d6 sum rule based on my feedback. I just misread it. Personally I had a lot more fun the 2nd time through when I was using the sum. Maybe for different tables that can change, but I did enjoy it more when I played it correctly.

On a side note: more please.

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Lovely lovely lovely! Really like this and would like to see more tables. Had a few questions about scoring:

  1. Bumpers: Is the score the sum of all the bumpers?
  2. Ramps: Is the score the sum of all the ramp arrows?
  3. Targets: You say 5 points each and 10 points for a complete set. Is it an additional 10 points for the set? For example: 3-9-11. That's 15 points individually and I get 10 on top of that for a total of 25?
  4. Tunnels: "Worth twice the value shown" -- does this mean if I roll a 12 (two 6's), the total for that tunnel is 24 (12 x 2) or 12 (6 x 2)?
  5. I totally now realize that I was choosing between scoring individual dice (1d6) and sums (2d6). Not sure if changing "total" to "sum" in the first instruction would have fixed that for me. Just a note. Could totally just be me. :P

Going to be leaving some money right after this comment and trying again at lunch.