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The Character cards from v1 are the same, so you only need to print out the zines.

No problem! The Character cards from v1 are the same, so you only need to print out the zines.

That's very kind of you to say! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, King Tournament was Journey 2.

Ah! Makes sense. Let me see if I can format it quickly and upload.

Hello! Can you fill me in on what you mean by "pages"? Do you mean Pages on Mac?

I added it, but no need to pay for anything. Thank you for playing!

I know, right? Making games like this also spoil the story for me too!

I'm glad! Hoping that at some point along the journey you had a laugh.

This sounds really cool! Does the same rule apply where you have to play a card that's higher in value? Sounds like you have to win 3 hands (decks) to win the game. Does the 1 also still apply where if someone plays a 8, 9, or 10 that playing a 1 resets the value?

DC is Difficulty Class and AC is Armor Class. It's what you roll against to see if your action is successful or your attack is successful. It's definitely a Dungeons & Dragons thing.

Yes, stars are levels.

B/W vs Color are simply for your own printers if you want to use color ink or not. I realized being on the SAME SHEET doesn't help. Lol

Bullets and Time tokens are from different existing games (Deep Sea Adventure, Night at the Museum) in case you wanted to build an experience like those.

Thanks for checking it out!

I blame the creator. He's so lazy.

I blame the creator. He's so lazy.

Should be fixed now. Thanks!

Feel free to share!

A very great player "allvaorg" has created a few Brazilian Portuguese translations:

You won't have to remove any cards when adding the expansion. It simply becomes a larger and larger deck that you'll draw from simply to add variety. Same applies to Items, Companions, Environments, and so on.

Hello! The game always uses 10 Quest cards. So when you start adding expansions, it will add variety to the types of Quests you will go on, but not change the final number of Quests.

Nope. You should always have access to this page moving forward!

Howdy! For sure. Would love to see what y'all come up with. Make sure to let me know so I can check it out too.

You start on the square that matches the profile picture. So in Deep Sea Adventure, you start on the way left center where the deep sea diver icon is.

Thanks for the reminder! Should be updated now.

Wow I haven't played this in a while, so apologies if my brain's a bit rusty. Shooting results in the time being subtracted, so you effectively get 10 shots before time runs out. Parking on the square below 9-10 is a strategy, but you could definitely increase odds to hit if you were closer. It's a good point though.

Oh! Gotcha. The .zip should be updated now.

Oh does it say that Failed Quests also go back in the box? Ha, I need to fix that.

Hm, that's strange! Seems okay for me. I uploaded the PDF directly to this folder. See if this works:

After some more consideration, I think it makes more sense that an Abandoned quest is not factored into the final Star Grade. The rules specifically state they are discarded and go back into the box.

You can use Luck multiple times on a single Quest. You just have to discard the Luck cube each time you choose to use it.

No cards have changed for v2.0, just the rules. The Companions will be included in the end of November expansion release!

Thank you! I hope you find some peace with doing the activity or at least feeling better when you click "add to cart". :)

Weird! Should be fixed now.

Thank you for the kind words! I've already curbed my enthusiasm over that She-Hulk figure, but I'm still working on that Bluey & Winton 2-pack. After a sheet I still want it.

Good call on the Chemistry kit! I'll update that and fix it.

As far as "used 3-star badge" theming -- it's meant to be like a badge you earned, like an achievement or like a merit badge. In the Patreon promos, there's a 3-star badge you earn by accomplishing certain things and you get to wear it/use it without it taking up inventory space. Pretend you saw someone with a "professionally trained" patch on their jacket, you may give them more credibility and willingness to listen.

The theme will be Science!

Patreon members are voting on what the next theme is going to be! If you're interested in being a part of the vote (and getting access to all Quests Over Coffee promos), check out the Patreon!

Link: Patreon for Quests Over Coffee

Just uploaded a sheet with 9 Items and another sheet with 9 Quests on the Template page:

So a single sheet that has 9 Item templates on it? Let me know, thanks!

Just added! Thanks for playing!