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Hey Doom I was wondering, I'm going to do a YouTube series on this, is there anything you want me to talk about, or anything you want to say?

Nothing in particular. Thanks to a great man I was able to get mined moved into construct 3 and I can start working on it again with the new features of C3. I think there is a lot i would like to add and polish as this is an alpha. The core concept should not change but I would like to overhaul the games operation a bit to increase the dynamics of the game along with the strategy. 

I am in the middle of moving and changing some stuff around for my family so it might be a couple weeks before I can get to this project again.

Ok cool! On the topic of new things, I had a few things I thought would be cool to see in there. I thought maybe research and automatic mining would be cool, as well as maybe being able to make processing machines on the surface, so you can make different things to sell.

Those are some good ideas. I really like the processing stuff idea and making things to sell instead of instantly getting money for returning ore.

Hey issue I was the one who uploaded that video down their and I was wondering that once Doom adds a save feature we should do a "Collaboration" Like we are competitors trying to beat the other.