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Doom do you have discord? 

For me its a macbook pro...

It got laggy at points but it handled pretty well compared to other games, one problem I did have was sometimes my collectors would just freeze and do nothing... but I would just buy some more.

I had 5 million at one point...

Ok cool! On the topic of new things, I had a few things I thought would be cool to see in there. I thought maybe research and automatic mining would be cool, as well as maybe being able to make processing machines on the surface, so you can make different things to sell.

Hey Doom I was wondering, I'm going to do a YouTube series on this, is there anything you want me to talk about, or anything you want to say?

This is a great game and I'm really enjoying it, but I can't get the Mac desktop version to work, so I have to use the browser version, could you please tell me how to? Thanks