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Once I'm done with the whole game, I'll gladly answer the questions you pose for those who have finshed playing, but I've come across something... odd. I decided to play both of Rafael's and Braums's routes as a female Shika after I had played as a male Shika, just to see if there was much of any difference. I had selected Rafael's route, but I seemed to be recognized as a female Reaver on Paris's route.

Also, did you use garageband to make the music? There is one part that just reminds me of Bastion and of the theme song of TAZ Dust, and they both used bandcamp for their music.

[Edit] Is there anyway to get higher than 5 points for Braums in the prologue? Because I can't seem to do anything to get it higher. A hint would be wonderful, if you could.

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Thanks for pointing that out! However I'm a little confused, you shouldn't be able to play as a Shika on Paris' route. 0.o Can you clarify the issue? You selected Rafael's route, but then were jumped to Paris' route? Or were you somehow a Shika on Paris' route?

And yes, I used garageband loops to make the music. There are only small differences between playing as a male and female, that was one part of the customization I tried to keep pretty much the same, since I knew there were some people who would only want to play as a female and vice versa, and I didn't want them to miss out on content because of that. As for Braums, five is the maximum number of points you can get for him in the prologue.

Thanks for downloading, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your playthrough!

I selected Rafael's route but was somehow booted to Paris's route. I only noticed around the time that Braums is coached on how to use his adorableness as a weapon. Though I don't remember all the choices I made, I could try replaying and seeing if the same thing happens

~~~~Possible Spoilers Ahead~~~~

1. Were you satisfied at the end of the route you played? 

I was pretty satisfied with all of the endings. I ended up playing Rafael's route first and fell in love with everything this game is. I felt a bit disappointed that the only "bad end" was Paris's, though things did not go to great for Rafael in Braums's "bad end". Its a really weird thing, but I feel like a bad ending is suppose to be a consequence for being a dick or not understanding the situation and/or characters enough. I understand if I'm just being jerk about this, but its the only I found lacking in terms of the endings.

2. Favorite / least favorite part? 

Rafeal trying to bond with the group was the greatest thing in the world. I also kinda liked the running gag of men confusing Braums for a woman and how everyone dealt with it. It could have been a very distasteful thing, but it was done nicely! I don't think I really had any part that I cringed at or wanted to skip or anything. Most things were playful enough or serious enough that the mood didn't seem off.

3. Favorite love interest/what made him your fav?

I love all of them but I think I'd have to pick Rafael. He was the first route I ended up playing and like. The fishing scene was so good. Made a lasting impression. Also I really like the hand thing that the Shika have, so that helps. Also his social awkwardness is kinda relatable and charming enough not to make it... awkward. Braums would be my second fave and Paris my third. Braums also has a kind of social awkwardness and he's really sweet? Like, I feel like he's the sweetest out of all of them. Paris is pretty much the embodiment of two very specific types I have, but the whole crush thing Reaver and Cubi Ash had hit very close to home. But Paris did have my favorite intimate scenes, with Rafael and Bramus just barely behind.

3. What made you decide to play the game?

I'm really pan and love a good visual novel.  Though seriously, I do enjoy the fact you can pick which gender you want to play as, as well as customize Ash. I've only seen customization in really only one other game and being able to pick your gender in a few. Plus the characters seem interesting.

4. Did you find any bugs/typos? 

Other than the weird jump to Paris's route, not really.

5. Overall thoughts/ comments or suggestions

Maybe add a pronoun option, separate from the body choice? //TODO: today is a good example of this, or even Hustle Cat. I'm nonbinary and use they/them, and while I don't mind have to play as guy or gal, its always nice to have the option to choose to be closer to who I am, when given the choice. I mean, most the time I see I have the option to be nonbinary in a game, I will play it, just for the chance to be myself. I've also straight up just played games because they have a canon nonbinary charater.

Also maybe adding skip button? I know you can hold down ctrl or press tab, but I forget sometimes, as I'm sure some people do.

6. Would you consider sharing the game page on Twitter to spread the word?

I have like 20 followers on Twitter, but sure. Also if you had more content on the tumblr page, I'd follow it and share that.

7. If I made a commercial game would you consider purchasing it?

I'm planning on buying Arena Circus Golden when I'm able, so yeah.

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I'll look through and see if I can find that bug, thanks for pointing it out! edit: and I would appreciate if you could see if it happens again! Going through a few times I couldn't reproduce the error.

As for the endings, I've heard a couple people mentioned they were surprised that there was only one 'bad end'. I wanted to give each ending it's own flavor, so I kind of avoided doing something gruesome in each one. I'm a sucker for a happy ending ahhh 

I'm glad you liked the characters! And my baby Braums. I think some people were turned off by his initial attitude so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed him. 

Adding the ability to choose a pronoun is something I could definitely implement with a little bit of work! I think it would fit in nicely with all the other customizing options, and you're right, it would be a nice feature. I'll see about doing that in the near future.

There is a skip button, it's the little right facing arrow on the quick menu bar! Sorry if it was a little too inconspicuous. 

Thank you for your support, and I appreciate you taking the time to play and comment!

I've found the save file that it happened on and have played through a few times, but I can't seem to replicate what happened. I also tried with a new game, but I just stayed on Rafael's route. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

No worries, I haven't heard anyone else mention this glitch so maybe it was a minor glitch in renpy? Either way, thanks for trying.