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Looking forward to seeing more!

LOL this made me wheeze  xD

Haha! I'm glad you're excited, I definitely love writing Sahi he's such a sweetie <3 

As for why he dislikes Lune, he doesn't like his attitude, or the way he talks to Terra.

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I'm glad to hear you like Lune! He's been very interesting to plan out so far. 

As for which he'd choose, love or his kingdom:

Lune prides himself on always putting duty first, BUT he's never been in love before, so who knows? Maybe he'd surprise himself ;) 

Lune's got a lot of dealbreakers. He's not the best communicator, he prefers to keep his emotions bottled up rather than expressing them, and his 'honesty' can sound a lot like rudeness.

Thank you for your thoughts! As for Lune's personality, he can come off as kind of cold because he's brutally honest and isn't afraid to tell someone if he thinks they're wrong. He wants Laute to grow in power, which to him means more interaction with the outside kingdoms with trade and such.

those eyes are still there! They’re just half lidded, it’s an expression so his new sprite will still have it. 

Glad to hear you like his design! More than disliking the MC, he doesn't feel that they're ready to rule.

I've heard a few people say they're excited about him! I look forward to revealing more. 

Thanks so much! Having feedback on the accessibility features would be great, thank you! 

I’m tentatively planning a Kickstarter, so depending on the success of that I’d definitely want to do voice acting. 

There will be combat, but more scripted rather than as a gameplay feature. There will be war, diplomacy, and all sorts of royal politics involved for sure!

Hi! Thanks so much for playing. I've just updated this page with a guide to the good endings. :)

well then you’re in for a treat! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Thanks for letting me know! I've updated it with the correct one. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed my other stuff, hopefully you'll like this one as well <3

I really like the sound that plays during the text, reminds me of old school games and fits the feel of the game I think. The sprites are gorgeous (I'm in love(?) with Lotus's outfit(?)) and I love the blinking animation. The other animations are nice too, subtle but they really help immerse you in the world.

The drag and drop was really cool and I love the little details about the different ingredients. I'm a sucker for potion brewing in games. The potions were very creative and I'm glad that there was a little description of what they did. Wondering if it's possible to fail the brew? Or is Lotus just that good xD

First ending is so sad ;; I'm a sucker for this kind of dynamic, like "please be my friend" mixed with "wtf no go away."

Second ending is... so... sad ;;

Third fourth fifth time, I finally unlocked the third ending

It must have taken me like ten tries to get the last ending.





 I wish there had been more of a resolution and that they could have actually become friends, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes...


*it's a good thing there was a thing that showed how many endings there are*

I like that the text changed slightly depending on what potion you made when you were talking to Sage.

Is cauldron mode still on the table??

Overall, nice short game with interesting characters and world. I'd be interested in seeing more of this world.

thanks so much! Really looking forward to Imperial Grace :)

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thanks so much for your interest! The game is still in development, so no demo just yet. But I will be posting devlogs with my progress! Here is a link to the first one:

I'm glad it's helpful! 

The emblem option is in the very beginning when you're asked to name your guild. Yes, this is the part where it's talking about giving Rafael a nickname.

The pirates scenario, if you're brave I believe you get a couple of points for Braums, but overall it does not impact the relationships.

Thank you for playing The Pretenders Guild!

Okay, here you go! Let me know if it needs to be clearer.

I've written the guide structured like below:

Choice text - correct choice [first line of text after choice[

There's a best, okay, and bad choice, I've listed the "best" choices only here.

Rafael needs 80 points by the end of chapter 4 to get his good end, so there are no points for Rafael in Chapter 5.

Guide Start



Choose the shika emblem for your guild (the one with horns)

Name your guild "Guild"

Chocolate cake


Choose the cubi emblem for your guild (the one with bunny ears)

Carrot bread


Choose the reaver emblem for your guild (the one with three points)

Don't read the letter

#Chapter 1


I hate rats - Gentle [Well, I wasn't expecting that...]

What are you doing out here? - Flirty [Anyway, I was looking for you / I was looking for you of course!]


I need the room for a little while - Angry [Yeay, yeah, I got it.]

Who are you? - Flirty [Who am I?]


Bring me something to drink - Logical [Ah...]

Do I look feminine to you? - Yes [ I do]

I need a distraction - Angry [Okay, stop!]

Nevermind... - Gentle [It doesn't take a genius to know he wants to ask me something]

#Chapter 2


Where is he going? - Gentle [Eh...]


We'll just have to share - Flirty [Ooh, looks like I might have some sweet dreams after all!]


It's your job to protect me, so... - Logical [It's all right, I have to go, too.]

Should we go right? - No [Uhhhh]

#Chapter 3


What should I say - Funny [I clap for him, letting out a few cheers]

Did I say something funny? - Gentle [I shake my head, unwrapping the necklace and freeing it]

Let's make a play - Flirty [I look over at Rafael, sliding closer to him]


What should I say? - Flirty [...You know...I think your scars are hot]

Let's make a play - Funny [Ooh, Paris and I can be the leads! We'll be furious rivals in a race against time!


Forget this ever happened - Gentle [There's no way I'm going to just let Braums cry in his room alone.]

Do plays? - Flirty [Why Lord Braums, are you inviting me out?]

Let's make a play - Logical [I'll be the writer and director!]

#Chapter 4


... - Logical [Difficult

Was I incorrect? - Gentle [I-I mean, um...I wasn't...I didn't...]


Does the fact that you were paying attention mean you're interested? - Flirty [I make a valiant effort to wipe the look of terror off my face, covering it up with a smirk]

How to proceed... - Logical [Welp, there's bound to be tons of berries and mushrooms around nearby. That'll do!]


I should say something to cheer him up - Logical [Look, I would happily vouch for you.]

I don't want to let you all down - Gentle [Braums, you're going to be a great king]

#Chapter 5


Then Braums comes to me - Gentle [Despite how queasy this whole thing is making me feel, I'm really glad he's okay. I'm glad we all are.]

Braums is kissing me - Flirty [The complicated thoughts that had been swirling around in my head are immediately gone in favor of thoughts exclusively for the Reaver sharing my blanket.]


Paris kissed me - Flirty [No...]

I feel - Logical [You know Paris...I feel like a terrible person, but I keep thinking.]

Hello, I'm so sorry I didn't see this post sooner! Let me know if you are still interested in a guide, and I will happily put one together for you.

Hi there! Thanks for playing. Yes there’s only one “true” ending. I won’t give away too much, but there’s a character from Arena Circus in it. 

I was in the middle of posting an update and had some technical difficulties, should be good now!

Thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy the voice acting ^^

Hi thank you! I’m looking at 8/9 for releasing the version with the new CGS. I’ll have a date for sure by this weekend, but it’ll be out in August!

Thank you! This was very helpful. I found the loop bug a while back but I thought I'd fixed that. I will look into this for the next update!

lol! You’re right, end of July! Wow how’s I get that mixed up haha

Thank you!

Hello I love these! Can these assets be used in commercial projects?

Haha it's okay, Martinez! And thank you L. Boucher!

thank you! I will 💕

unfortunately no, sorry!

hi! The game is currently complete, that is the total word count. ^^ 

It’s just that only the first two chapters are voiced. Thanks for your interest! 

Ah, I forgot to mention this in the devlog! The gallery is just super messy and I wanted to go back and clean up the  code. But yes it will definitely be back in future versions! By the time chapter 5 is out for sure, but I might have it in by the next beta update.

Yes it will! I’m still working on that but it should be updated soon

Chapter 4 has been released (:

Chapter 4 has been released! 


The game contains 18,735 dialogue blocks, containing 178,915 words and 959,261
characters, for an average of 9.5 words and 51 characters per block.

Hello, only cubi and shika ash can romance Rafael. If you choose reaver in the beginning, his route is locked. 

No sorry, those were just for aesthetics!

Hello! I'm so sorry I just saw this. Can you let me know if you're playing on Mac or PC? And have you tried playing it through the itch app? 

Hi! Thanks for playing. The sparkles will appear in the center of the screen, but only if the choice affects the route you’re currently on. There are no sparkles in the intro because you won’t have chosen a route yet. 

Thanks for playing! There is no ending guide as of right now.

I will be uploading it to steam soon!

thank YOU for playing! Am I planning future works! Always! There are those six scenes, some early sketches, and a special letter you can unlock. ^^