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I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for playing 😊

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

I'm so glad to hear it!

I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it! I plan on starting up working Arena Circus again after I finish my current project, Celestial Crowns.

Thank you!

thank you! I appreciate the good wishes 🥰

I'm very happy with how they came out!

I’m glad you think so! And don’t worry, the original start screen will still get some use! 

at least you realized about the scope early on! And we don’t mind waiting 😇

Thank you!! 🥰

Aw thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed the pretenders guild 🥹

Thank you! And isn’t it? I couldn’t help myself 🤭

Aw you’re so nice 🥹 

thanks for the feedback! I’ve definitely got time, so I think I will! 

Thank you! 🎉

thank you so much! 

sorry, I forgot people would get notifications! It was a small bug fix, I post what was updated in each version at the end of the page if there’s no devlog. This time, Aalam’s sprite wasn’t blinking properly, and I left in some test code by accident. 

thank you! 

Hi, thank you for this! I am using it in an upcoming project. I was wondering if you have any idea how you would be able to set this so that a button in settings can toggle it off and on?

No, the demo is just the first three chapters of the full game, which will be about six. 

hmm it could be a bug then, I’ll look into it! In the meantime, if you can recall the exact number of times you picked each one (or the choices you made) let me know and I’ll work backwards! 

for Sahi, you’ll have to go to war, so make sure to choose the “aggressive” choices more often than gentle and strategic! If you have as many or more points in aggressive you can get on his route. 

both Jupiter and Eris are for lightning coincidentally, so it’s not a bug! Thank you for playing and I’m so happy you enjoyed it. 

I’ll say too in the next update, I have made it easier to get on the routes, so you shouldn’t have trouble after that!

thank you so much!! I appreciate your support 🥰

The game will be $20 upon release.

if you want to be on Aalam’s route, make sure to throw in some gentle choices! That is the ruling style you need to choose marriage. 

hello! Thanks for playing. Celestial crowns is rated nsfw for content that will be in future chapters. I thought it best to add the tags now even though there is no nsfw content in the demo. The pretenders guild has a tag for adult content due to some romantic scenes later in chapter five. They’re not explicit but I wanted to be safe. 

hello! Spoiler alert, the main character discovers they are actually an android at the beginning of the story. 

Hello! The game engine has a built in text to speech feature that can be accessed by pressing ‘v’ on the keyboard. Yes the game is fully playable with keyboard only. You can use the arrow keys to select choices and ‘enter’ to activate them, and advance the text with space bar. I have the stats in the choice label text so that the screen reader is able to read them. 

More information about the keyboard uses can be found on the Ren’Py website here:

Or I’m happy to answer other specific questions! Thanks for reaching out. If you have suggestions for how I could improve the experience for blind players, please let me know! 

Hello, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I checked and it does come up when I search, but only if I'm logged in. I'm going to contact support and see if I can find the issue.

Thank you for the uplifting words! 

Thanks for pointing this out! Yes I'll be fixing this in the next update. If you go by word count, the routes are currently planned to be about ten-fifteen percent longer than the demo, so a little less than half? Story wise, I think of it as a third, with 'prologue, route, ending' being the signposts, because the endings are pretty long in this game compared to my other games.

Hi! Thanks so much for playing! Here's a quick guide for Santana/Lucy points. Also, looking into this I found a bug that I think might be preventing their meals from being accessable, so I will fix that in an update this wek!:

Ch 1:


Ch 2: 

During feeroam, catch Santana in the square and ask why he stole from you.

When Lucy insists Santana didn't steal the book, say "I guess that is strange."

Ch 3:

Walk around at the ball.

Get some food at the ball.

Ask Lucy to dance.

Ask Santana to dance.

Ch 4:

Tell Lucy you'll help fix the carriage.

Order for yourself when eating with Lucy, then gossip about Aldrich and Leslie. Play along with him, too.

Tell Lucy you'll spar with them.

Say to Santana "so you can't read, huh?"

Invite Santana/Lucy along to any side quests.

thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the other games as well ^^

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Hello! Thank you for playing. You can adjust the font in the settings screen, but you will need to close and reopen the game for it to take effect. There are two options.

Raffling off some route guides if you'd like to join! Otherwise, I've posted hints in the comments.

I'm glad it's working well so far! Hopefully the rest of the game works well with the software too!

I hope you enjoy!

No, there is another way to avoid marrying Aalam, and that will put you on Lune's route.