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Great fun!  First Roguelike I've ever played in which I'm controlling a big 3x3 vehicle.  All it's lacking imho, is persistent top score tracking.

Thanks for playing! During the first couple days I had the tank as a single-@, but I said: No, it must be AT LEAST 3x3. Spent most of the rest of the challenge integrating the various "parts" of the tank. Started working on enemy tanks, but having them worry about rotating quickly broke the AI I already have written.

But yeah, online top score would be fun - definitely something I can work on if folks want it! Out of curiosity, what was your top score/area reached? I kind of winged it on the difficulty.

I think Area 3 with 5 rescued.

Sounds about around what I was getting towards the end. I tried to put some tough calls in there - grabbing points instead of grabbing supplies to restore your health.