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It does, when I tried it ran on FS-UAE but was way too slow. *BUT*:
it runs in latest WinUAE 3.6.1 (earlier versions had broken sound here) under AmigaOS4. Right now fullscreen-mode doesn't work (at least not with the std. PicassoIV emu, I will change that soon though), but window-mode works flawlessly.
In fact, when running the game inside that WinUAE in a 480x270 window, then it runs almost as fast as the native official PC Steam version on my same PC (i7 4790K), which should give you a nice hint by how much I accelerated the original code...

I'd like to try this in FS-UAE (there's no WinUAE on my OS of choice). Is there an AmigaOS4 kickstart, or should I just get the 3.x?

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It won't run playable in FS-UAE, only WinUAE 3.6.1 so far.
An A4000 3.1 40.68 Kickstart is good. But as being said: forget it with FS-UAE.

But why not use Wine? Dunno if their PC version works, but:

While I developed the Amiga version and completely minced the original code I also created a Win32 "waste product" en passant.
It's practically identical to the Amiga version (e.g. software rendering, OpenAL for sound, all fixes and optimizations I made) and uses the techniques I also used for other games I wrote before - which all work flawlessly via Wine.

Besides that: that Win32 build runs circles around the official PC version performance-wise (~ 850 to more than 1000 fps on my Windows machine, or even better: more than 300 fps on my i5 notebook in situations where the official Steam version drops to 15 fps on that machine... ). Only drawback: like the Amiga versions it's based on version 19.44 of the game.

Who knows, maybe Pixwerk donate me enough to get it :D

Well, maybe use case is unusual in that I'd like to explore if it can run on OpenBSD, and there's no wine on OpenBSD (and based on prior discussions/efforts never will be), but there's fs-uae. I understand it likely won't be playable based on your description. Would try it anyway just to see - maybe one day computers and/or FS-UAE get faster.

We are essentially limited to open-source games, whatever can run in an emulator, and (lately) FNA games. Tower 57 would be an interesting entry if one day it actually runs okay inside FS-UAE.