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Is there a way to make a version with the .pck file? Many Godot games (Primal Light, Oddventure for example) have a .pck file. This way they can run on many platforms with a runtime; in my case OpenBSD. Could this be added?

looks nice! What engine has it been made with?

What engine does it use?

Well, maybe use case is unusual in that I'd like to explore if it can run on OpenBSD, and there's no wine on OpenBSD (and based on prior discussions/efforts never will be), but there's fs-uae. I understand it likely won't be playable based on your description. Would try it anyway just to see - maybe one day computers and/or FS-UAE get faster.

We are essentially limited to open-source games, whatever can run in an emulator, and (lately) FNA games. Tower 57 would be an interesting entry if one day it actually runs okay inside FS-UAE.

I'd like to try this in FS-UAE (there's no WinUAE on my OS of choice). Is there an AmigaOS4 kickstart, or should I just get the 3.x?

Happy SRR Independence Day! :D

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We're at the cutting edge on soon-to-be-released Open BSD 6.3 with SDL2.0.8. I'm the new maintainer of that port.

The only function that's not working is SDL_GetBasePath. Seems to be used rarely and usually can be worked around.

OpenBSD's API/ABI and the libs are updated regularly, so bundled libs usually don't work (short lifetime until they would need recompiling/relinking).

 If Tower 57 is written in c++/SDL2, the best (only?) chance for us OpenBSD folks would be an open-source version of the game engine (assets an still be sold). We have a few examples, like Tales of Maj'Eyal (in ports) or Eldritch (port in development)... I know that's probably not the right thing at the moment - maybe keep it in the back of your head...

In case it's not obvious, I'm trying to gauge if this indie gem will be able to run on OpenBSD one day... You might be interested with your penchant for obscure operating systems :D

What framework is the linux version based on? XNA? Unity?

This wouldn't run in FS-UAE, right?

Sure, I just figured you'd be interested to know.

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I looked at what FMOD calls are made and found that if they all receive a return value of 0 (with one otherwise trivial exception) the game runs fine (without any audio, of course). It's still fun to play and I've reached chapter 5 already.

So my question is if you would consider adding something like a '-noaudio' flag that disables those calls and allows the game to run on platforms that don't have FMOD studio libraries available? We *BSDs and other potential future platforms without FMOD libs would be grateful :)

Hi, it would be great if the Linux version was available on itch, too. Any chance this could be done?

I figured this is probably not a simple task. Thanks for your consideration of my suggestion! In the meantime, I'm having fun with the PICO-8 version :)

Hi, I'm involved in some cross-platform porting efforts to get amazing indie games like TowerFall or Celeste to work on *BSD platforms with great success (Love TowerFall by the way!). This works in most cases where the ports use FNA, but FMOD is a hard stop because source is not available (only precompiled libraries for Linux).

I admit I don't know how much work it is to move to a different sound engine, but just wanted to let you know that wider cross-platform use is a possiblity with open-source alternatives to FMOD. In most cases that I've seen, openal or SDL_mixer are used.