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Cool, so it'll probably be Unity :). Anyone else wanna join our team?

My friend is voxel/lowpoly 3d artist, he can join us too.
Also please leave something like discord or email, so that i can contact you.

Uh, nice, then we might even do 3D :). I guess three people is enough, right? I have no Discord but I might just get it when we start. For now here is my email adress:

I just started out with unity for a school project last term, anyway i can do level design and somewhat  some cutscene animations. I'm actually learning c#  for unity

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Cool! I think i can do all the coding myself. But you can help with gameplay ideas and game design especially if Lodugh does composing.

Also I will make a discord channel in a few days and invite you here.

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I would definitely like to help with all these things too! I think composing wont be that much work because we probably wont make a super long game with many different places that need different themes or something like that. kmzgames, do you join us or do you have a group already?