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Yeah we actually continue working on it and it has evolved a lot from back then :).

Thank you for all the nice words :).  We have been working on an update but my ongoing health issues keep me from working on it. I hope I can get back to it soon.

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Thanks a lot for the in depth feedback! It really makes me happy to see someone being that excited about the game :). Some of the useless items will definitely get some more uses in the next update.
And we will try to make it a bit longer with more possible paths. That should also make all the decisions more impactful.

Glad you liked it! Did you get them all to survive? :)
We were working on an update with some new biomes and events and a few improvements. Seeing that theres still interest makes me wanna get that update ready, very soon ;).

Uh, maybe you are just missing an overview of the items other than the consumable ones? Or did you actually get something else instead?

I cant seem to reproduce that bug. With which items does it happen exactly?

Ooh, I like it and for me there's nothing that would speak against the lip sync :)

Me too.

I am using Windows 7 and also version13 of Pilgrims.

:_  ( 

Help please <3

Yeah they can be so cute :D. Nice to hear that you enjoyed it.
I definitely plan to get another update out one day! I guess it primarily needs more content.

Such a cute game! I didnt get to wear the irrational hat, so I'm definitely gonna play it again! :> Love the chalk drawings!

This looks great, but is a linux port planned?

Happy to hear that :)

Great game! I love the art style and I'm happy to have this as an example project for some future Godot project :). However I really couldn't beat the boss.. Maybe with a controller but dodging the lasers really seemed a bit to finicky and it was hard to see in which animation frames of the laser you actually could get hit.

Whew, I think much higher really isnt possible :D

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What a great tool! Thanks a lot for making something like that open source :). If it had brush-like editing for normal maps it would be perfect!

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ALT+F4 should work too ;). The game isnt really finished and we didnt implement menus or a way to quit.

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I would definitely like to help with all these things too! I think composing wont be that much work because we probably wont make a super long game with many different places that need different themes or something like that. kmzgames, do you join us or do you have a group already?

Uh well,  we just found a way how we could meet somewhere else a few days later so I am back in :). Sorry for the back and forth! By the way, what time zone are you guys in? Might actually be important to know..

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Hey, sorry guys, but I cant be with you for the game jam.. This weekend I have the chance to meet some friends I didnt see for a long time. I think it could have been really cool, but I cant let this chance go by. Good luck for all of you! And I'll definitely check out your game :).

EDIT: Im back in!

Uh, nice, then we might even do 3D :). I guess three people is enough, right? I have no Discord but I might just get it when we start. For now here is my email adress:

Cool, so it'll probably be Unity :). Anyone else wanna join our team?

Thanks, that would be great! :)

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Is it possible to just choose the number of colours to use instead of using certain palettes? Like this webtool can do ? I couldnt find the option and if there isnt anything really like that it would be great if it could get implemented! :)

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Hey, that looks pretty good! I am not bad with Godot 2D and Unity and I can do some composing. What do you work with? I also really like to make interesting gameplay and design levels. What do you think? Wanna form a group with me?