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Hi Cryptic Hybrid,

thank you for your reply!

1. Can you please describe the fatal error a bit more in detail? Which steps have you done (from installation)?

2. A volume slider for the music should not be a problem.

3. The camera part is more tricky and would need a couple of changes. We have to see if we can get the resources to take look onto it. I can't promise that this will be changed.

Kind regards 


Well, the error is as vague as it can get. Basically, I installed, played, exited to the menu, exited the game, went back in and when I click load.. this happens. The music continues playing but as soon as I click Ok... back in the desktop. If there's an error log generated please tell me where I can find it. :) 

Ok thank you. I will check if I can reproduce the error.

I also get the FATAL error on loading. Played yesterday evening, now wanted to continue. 

You can find the UE4 Crashreport zipped here:

If you need more info, feel free to ask!

Thank you for the confirmation. I will investigate the error as soon as possible.