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Heideland GameWorks

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We are proud to announce that our first game "Ancient Rush" is released.

"Ancient Rush" is a 3D breakout game set in an ancient mediterranean world.

Play with a ball and a paddle as in the old days and fight your way through this ancient world. 

Visit 10 different scenes with an overall of 50 levels. Pickup a lot of items but beware not everyone will help you.

The old gods are waiting for you. Can you reach their old kingdom?

Target Audience

Ancient Rush is targeted to gamers who want to play a casual relaxing game where you spend a few minutes to finish a some levels and move on.


Release Trailer: 



Website: http://www.heideland-gameworks.com
Shop: https://heideland-gameworks.itch.io/ancient-rush


Your Heideland GameWorks Team

Thank you for the confirmation. I will investigate the error as soon as possible.

Ok thank you. I will check if I can reproduce the error.

Hi Cryptic Hybrid,

thank you for your reply!

1. Can you please describe the fatal error a bit more in detail? Which steps have you done (from installation)?

2. A volume slider for the music should not be a problem.

3. The camera part is more tricky and would need a couple of changes. We have to see if we can get the resources to take look onto it. I can't promise that this will be changed.

Kind regards