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Thank you :) Yes there is a problem with the keys and Azerty keyboards. You have to remap all the key at the same as the key is right and not wrong because they don't work. For example, S was the right key on my keyboard but it didn't work, I had to remap the S key, like it was the wrong key (I just click the key, and remap to S). Also the W key in azerty keyboard doesn't respond. If I remap the horn to W, if I press W key, it doesn't work that's why I remap it on an other key. The second problem I have talked about is a sound problem. Sometimes, for some reasons, some sounds stop playing. That's right,  in general when I make a presentation, I tried to explain the gameplay and how it works. I like your game and I said it !

PS : thank you for the tip for the neutral position of the gear ;) And sorry for my aproximative english :)

Ok thanks, I think I know where the problem is with the keys. Yeah, some of the sounds can stop working temporarily when there are many trains nearby (so many sounds that they can't all be played at once). I will need to release a small bugfix update soon to correct these!

I think you should add a sort of counter to see where we are with the passengers, like we had in World of subways or train simulator. Also, if I can make a suggestion, I hope you will add some cockpit interactions and some mechanics. I didn't see that but, is there an other way to know the next speed limitation without the "radar" ? I've seen the panel signal that said the limitation but before it, is there any warning on the rail ?

Yeah, I could add a passenger counter as a new optional tutorial!

Do you mean being able to use the cab controls with mouse? Many of the switches do not work because they are not useful yet. For example, there's no rain so you don't need to use the wipers.

There's no other warning for the speed limits except the minimap. Modern railways often have a warning sign by the track or a safety device, but 1960s UK apparently didn't. The drivers probably just had to memorise the limits.

Are you sure ? I asked that because imagine the line, you start with a limit at the station to 25, you see a signal at 60 and after at 25 again. You can't brake in time because you just see the signal where it is, without have any signal warning before ? it's weird isn't it ? I don't know exactly but that means that they started breaking at the signal only...(I don't know if you understand what I mean). For the cockpit interaction I meant, add some working button (wipe, lights etc...).

Ah ok, for signals there's the distant signal with a yellow arm that gives you advance warning of the actual signal ahead. The AWS safety system rings a bell if the distant (and the signal) is clear, and if it's not clear, it gives a warning sound and you need to press space and be prepared to stop at the signal. If there's a special speed limit after the signal, the signal clears only after you're close to it and have reduced enough speed.

Most European countries use speed signalling where the signal itself shows a speed limit, but UK uses route signalling where the signal shows which route you will be directed to after the signal, and you need to know in advance what the speed limit for that particular route is.

Does this clarify things or make even more confused?

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Ok, you said "there's the distant signal with a yellow arm" I have to see (have you got a screenshot ?). For the AWS have we enough time to stop if we have to before reaching the signal ? I see the AWS system with the ring when it's clear but I didn't have a red yet ;)

But between 2 speed limitations, have we got something that tells us that the next panel will be for example 25 mph/h ? because if we don't know when we arrive to the signal it's too late to brake and do not exceed speed limit.

Edit : About evaluations. I think that the evaluation and the exceeded target speed (I don't remember how you call this line in this evaluation), should not consider when I break or not. It seems that this line considers the fact that the train has not the target speed when we accelerate or brake, it should not. It should only consider if we have exceeded the line speed whatever when we brake or accelerate. In add, you have already an other line on the evaluation that says if we accelerate or break too much. I can brake at the right time, but not exactly when the game would want me to but it doesn't mean that I don't respect the line speed...I think some adjustments should be done there :)

(sorry for my english).

The first picture shows the AWS magnet that triggers the yellow sunflower light. The second picture shows the distant signal giving an advance warning about the stop signals.  Is this of any help?

Regarding evaluation: yes you may be right. Exceeding the target speed by too much when braking gives you "reckless driving" penalty points. The same doesn't happen with acceleration. I can't remember exactly why I did it this way but there was a reason for doing so. It might be that the reason is no longer valid so I will reconsider!

I know for the AWS (I talked about it a little in my video) but I didn't notice the distant signal thank you for that ! However, my very first question was not about red/green signal but speed limitations.

Normaly, on rails, when you have a speed limitation of 25 for example, a first signal says to you "be carefull there is a speed limitation of 25 in "X" miles" before the limitation is effective. I didn't notice something like this in the game. To be short, for limitations you have to signal, one to says to you that there is limitation soon, and the limitation itself. So if I don't use the helpers to show me where are the limitations, I can't know when and where the next limitation will be or may be I missed something that's why I ask to you. The problem is that you have to break before this limitation and not after, but to brake before we have to know there is a limitation next. Don't know if I am clear :)

For the evaluation yes, you should have penalty when you exceed the speed limit of a route only (for the speed). You can have penalty if you brake too hight (for the comfort of passengers) but it seems that in the game , we have penalties because our speed doesn't match the "expect speed" when breaking, that is bad.

Thank you ;)

Ok I understand, this has been asked before :) In 1960s UK there was only one sign at the start of the speed limit. You have to memorise and know where the limits are by heart. Otherwise you will overspeed because there's no time to reduce speed when you see the sign.

In more modern times a second sign has been added to warn the driver in advance unless the speed reduction is small.