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Ok I understand, this has been asked before :) In 1960s UK there was only one sign at the start of the speed limit. You have to memorise and know where the limits are by heart. Otherwise you will overspeed because there's no time to reduce speed when you see the sign.

In more modern times a second sign has been added to warn the driver in advance unless the speed reduction is small.

Ok, so it's just impossible to memorise all the routes...and then, I will always have to use the "mini map" to help ^^

Yes, I always use the minimap myself unless it's a route I'm familiar with :)

Hello, I've a question and a small feedback for you.

The question : On a train type (don't remember witch one), on the gear, you have "D". I'm not sure what does it mean ? But it seems to work like an "automatic" gear ?

The feedback : On this particular train (with the "D" on the gear lever), I'm able to make the train move on when the gear is set to "neutral" ("N").

Thank you ;)

Hi Crystal, it's the Class 127. The gear setting in this type doesn't actually matter if the whole train is of the same type although the key assistant will tell you to select D. If there are other types at the rear of the train then you need to shift gears normally. I haven't been able to find a clear description of the operation so it may be modelled incorrectly - I'll need to do some more research.