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Excellent, the steam release will be the same as this one ? Just a few notes after playing with your game : In some trains the speed gauge is not accurate. Then, we have to use the speed helper (ui at the right) to get our real speed. On the route schema on the right it's difficult to evaluate distance and size of station too. Awesome game I hope we could see passengers go up and down the train :)

Yes, the Steam and Itch versions are identical.

Thanks for the notes! Yeah, the speedometers can be somewhat inaccurate but luckily the speed they show is usually a bit more than the actual speed, so you won't overspeed if you follow them. The route schema is that way by design so it wouldn't make things too easy. You should only use it to get an idea what is coming next and then look out of the window! :) Moving passengers are planned for one of the later updates.

Please post a link to your video here or to the Steam community if you can, I'd love to watch the video once it's ready!

I will, but the video will be in french :)

No problem! It'll be useful to all French-speaking users. Everything doesn't have to be in English, there's already one video in German in the Steam community hub. Besides, I can understand French to some extent :)

Here we go ! You can watch presentation video here on my Crys Gaming channel : A découvrir sur la chaîne !

Thanks, great video! I like the way you took time to explain things in detail. One thing I didn't quite understand was around 3:30 about the key configuration. Were the default keys somehow wrong? When I programmed the default keys I tried to make them work automatically with the AZERTY keyboard but I guess it didn't go quite right.

P.S. Set gear to neutral when stopped at a station :)

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Thank you :) Yes there is a problem with the keys and Azerty keyboards. You have to remap all the key at the same as the key is right and not wrong because they don't work. For example, S was the right key on my keyboard but it didn't work, I had to remap the S key, like it was the wrong key (I just click the key, and remap to S). Also the W key in azerty keyboard doesn't respond. If I remap the horn to W, if I press W key, it doesn't work that's why I remap it on an other key. The second problem I have talked about is a sound problem. Sometimes, for some reasons, some sounds stop playing. That's right,  in general when I make a presentation, I tried to explain the gameplay and how it works. I like your game and I said it !

PS : thank you for the tip for the neutral position of the gear ;) And sorry for my aproximative english :)

Ok thanks, I think I know where the problem is with the keys. Yeah, some of the sounds can stop working temporarily when there are many trains nearby (so many sounds that they can't all be played at once). I will need to release a small bugfix update soon to correct these!

I think you should add a sort of counter to see where we are with the passengers, like we had in World of subways or train simulator. Also, if I can make a suggestion, I hope you will add some cockpit interactions and some mechanics. I didn't see that but, is there an other way to know the next speed limitation without the "radar" ? I've seen the panel signal that said the limitation but before it, is there any warning on the rail ?

Yeah, I could add a passenger counter as a new optional tutorial!

Do you mean being able to use the cab controls with mouse? Many of the switches do not work because they are not useful yet. For example, there's no rain so you don't need to use the wipers.

There's no other warning for the speed limits except the minimap. Modern railways often have a warning sign by the track or a safety device, but 1960s UK apparently didn't. The drivers probably just had to memorise the limits.