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I got a high-score of 90! The idea of a matchmaking game with cats is a super cute and clever idea. I think some VFX or some sort of visual feedback when good matches are made would be helpful to make the player recognize when they're doing good. Also, some sort of celebration when reaching the end state of the game would help indicate when it has finished. 

Overall, I think it's a good design but I think it would be better if you added some quality of life to the UI.  A button to re-try the game after you've finished would be a great addition. Also, the high-score text was kind of small and overlapping the gameplay area which was difficult to find at first and hurt the presentation. Those pixel art cat illustrations are super cute though! Nice job!


Thanks for checking it out! We definitely struggled with the time limit and our programmer almost had the visual feedback for good matches but couldn't get it working in time for it to make it in. Definitely on the same page about end state and restart stuff too! Thanks again!