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Thank you for such a thoughtful and thorough review! 

hmm, that is weird. I still was able to enjoy it despite the slight choppiness!

Yea, there's never enough time in these things!

ah dang, not sure how I missed that. I'll give it another try tonight.

Nice submission to the jam! I flew as far as I could before turning around to a sea of purple monsters and sprayed bullets out at them. Unfortunately this tactic didn't work too well because I was overwhelmed by a sea of enemies. But I was able to kill quite a few of them before I went down. I think speeding up the plane movement would be nice and also putting the enemies on the same axis as your plane so that your bullets don't miss enemies so often. Nice job!

The art and sound were really killer on this one. It was pretty fun to just loop around and smash into junk. On my first playthrough, I went all the way to the right of the map because I thought there would be more enemies over there, so then I flew all the way back to the beginning of the map to find a few more things to smash into. I'd suggest limiting the play field a little more next time. The next time through was a blast though because I stayed around the starting location. I especially enjoyed the level up moments when you pick up speed and grow heads. By the end I was cruisin!

High score: 44 

I like the idea of shapeshifting to sneak through each level. The VFX when poofing into a chair was really satisfying and nice. I loved how the cat's tail stuck out of the chair when hiding. I think the restart function was broken though, I had to restart the build on each try. Overall a great submission to the jam, nice job!


I loved this! I wasn't sure what to expect but turns out it was a super short and clever arcade game. I love that all of the pigeons look the same when not zoomed out and was instantly able to spot the phony pigeons when I zoomed in. I loved the little hop animations on the birds and the shoot animation vfx/sfx were super satisfying. I really like the approach to the theme and the focus on simplicity. 

High score: 90

This was pretty sweet! The alien designs were really cool and wacky and I loved the goop, guts, and blood VFX. The camera was a little annoying at times, especially when I was looking for ammo at the edge of the world, the camera would keep clipping through the walls of the sandbox. During combat the camera worked pretty well though because it seemed to always pull you toward enemies.  The webGL build was super laggy and choppy, so I installed the .zip, which worked great! Overall this was a really full experience for a game jam with a lot of great polish. Very well done!

The idea behind this game is pretty hilarious. I like the idea that I'm just walking around the town with two pizza boxes in my hands although I don't know that I'm actually getting very much actual work done. It took quite a bit of effort to get the game working, I had to tweak the sensitivity settings and even then it felt pretty choppy. But, despite the issues it was pretty fun to run around and shoot robot people in a trippy environment. It kind of reminded me of sludge life. Nice job!

Nice presentation! I thought the minimalistic black and white pixel art was pretty slick! It felt a little too twitchy too me though and it was hard to understand what I was doing. The dead enemies were difficult to distinguish from those that were still living, I think maybe if the death state of the characters where red or even white with a black outline it might be easier to figure out what's happening. I also thinking bumping of the hit VFX on enemies could help. Overall a really nice submission, great work!

Thank you for the thoughtful response!



Thank you!

Thank you for the thoughtful review! 

Thank you so much!

Thanks for playin!

Billy the Fridge? That was unexpectedly creepy, especially when I first turned around. The pacing and timing of the experience was well composed. I appreciated the lo-fi graphics and the ambience of the experience, it created a lot of space for using so few assets. I think having a bit more to explore would be cool, it did start to feel like I was just running around in circles, but then again, maybe that added to the vibe.

Nice one!

Wow you really drove the theme home. Nothing was real! The key idea was pretty clever, it took me a second to figure that one out. The intro might have been improved if the menu buttons fell to the ground or "broke" somehow when first clicking Play. I thought the game was frozen for a second and nearly quit it. 

Nice job overall!

oh nice, that's the whole game!

totally agree! I'll give it a go this evening!

Just curious how far you made it, thanks again for playing! I'll give yours a play/rating when I'm back at home.

oohhh, I was wondering about the alternate ending. I'm gonna have to give it another go, although the trees were pretty chill.

Aw dang, did you make it to the key room? That's where we were attempting to communicate the theme. Thanks for giving it a shot!

yeaaaa, me too. I had to sacrifice more levels to make sure the current levels worked ok. Thanks for playing to the end!

heck ya, I love sponge Bob! Thanks for playing it

thanks for trying it out!

awesome, I'll have to check out the stream! My game is

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Yay! Here's mine

hey! Here is my game :)

Hey, congrats on finishing a game for the jam! You can check out my game here if you want.


Hey congrats on finishing the jam! Check out my game here

Thanks !

That was a pretty funny experience. I resisted eating the cookie for as long as I could but eventually gave in. The helicopter kick twist was my favorite part.  This was the first game I played after the jam and I'm glad I did. It was really chill and I had a pleasant time with it. 



Awesome! Thanks for playing it!

heck ya, thanks for sticking with it! We'll have to seriously consider the quickness of our difficulty ramp in future jams.

thanks for trying it out, maybe next time you'll win! ;) 

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yay, get goo crunk!

Thanks for playing the game, we're very happy that you enjoyed it!