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Oh nice! Thanks for stopping by and trying it out for yourself!

Hey, great feedback. Thanks for giving it a try ;D sorry you got sick.

Hey, thanks for posting the video! It was fun hanging out in your stream. :D

Awesome, thank you !

Thanks MangoMan121, appreciate your comment!

Oh dang, thanks Maroon Seal! I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks Sufian! I still need to try Stupid Bob. I saw it on Mark's stream yesterday though, the chat went crazy lol.

Hey Aracade, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. We'll take a look and see if we can fix some of those bugs after the rating period.


Thanks pixelcometgames, we appreciate that you took the time to get a feel for the game. :D

Thanks hruksdev! <3

Thanks nulledwine, we appreciate your thoughts. Enjoyed your submission as well :D

Awww, thanks Jujubito!

Thanks for the thoughtful and valuable feedback! You rock Voycawojka!

Heeyyyy, thanks for the kind words BlackHammer66. 

Great feedback, thanks modern_mail!

Thank you for playing! We'd like to tweak the design to make it more challenging. Thanks for the valuable feedback PepperBox!

Wow daaang, that game was cool. The comic in the beginning was really well done and got me pumped to play. Really like the mega man vibes and the big scary worm monster thing. Felt out of control for sure, and the rings really reinforced that for me.

high score is 10,504 :']

Nice game!

That was really fun. One of my favorite things about it was that I didn't even have to press any buttons. It felt out of control while having simple controls. The difficulty ramped up pretty quick and it was fun building up hordes of zombies. 

nice job!

Nice job on the game! 

The camera felt a little too close to the characters and animations were a bit delayed and tough to control. But it was really cute and a fun idea that has some potential.

Woa. that was sick. I like the "safe area" idea you did there, it really makes you quite sick if you step away from the button for too long. The levels were pretty simple but fun and snappy. Also, that sound track was slappin!

Nice game!

nice job! I like the fake out by having the giant letter as the email thumb. There's a good idea here but I think you could speed up animations and add a little variety to the interactions to pick up the pace and keep it interesting.

Had fun with it ! Thanks!

man, mashing ships into each other was really fun. my favorite was when i was able to grab the ship after he shot and smash it into its own bullet. what a pitiful ship. Felt really smooth and smashy. Loved it.

Thanks for making it.


impressive game you got there. there were some clever mechanics like the rude doors and the trap keys and stuff. it was really fun and nearly got me hooked for life. thank goodness i was able to give up my addiction and go on living my life again.

it was good while it lasted... c'est la vie

Nice game! I thought I had it all figured out when i figured out how to circle a wolf by distracting it with some meat. Then there were two wolfs! wtf.

Clever design and nice presentation. The sheep remind me of an old claymation series I used to watch.

nice job!

Very nice game. The controls felt responsive and the random mechanics were fun and gave it an out of control feeling. The no-motion bullets were really fun and unique, slo-mo bullets were also fun. Inverse aiming left me confused though, it seemed like I was just shooting myself until the ability cycled out.

Nice game overall!!

Thank you for the valuable feedback mechabit. Thanks for giving boomcrunk a go!

My reply can be found on the comment below.

thanks for the feedback SushiWaUmai. It is our pleasure :) 

Thanks you for taking the time to leave feedback. Also, thanks for playing pillow!

Thanks for playing Leko! Had a great time with yours as well :D

Thank you for the honest feedback! Appreciate you taking the time to play it!

Awww thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!

Thanks for the feedback UltraArceus3! I'll have to consider the transition speed now.

Thanks for giving it a go Discordula! Hope we can fix that bug soon. :D

Awww, thanks for playing! I love your game so so so much!

Oh we'll continue Matteo! Thanks for playing.

Glad you found the graphics good aloksbd. Thanks for playing!

Thanks Robo_Chiz!

Hey, thank you for the thoughtful comments Daniil! I'll check out your recommendation, thank you!

This game is so polished and has a really cool control mechanic. Really impressive stuff here!

Well done!