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Awesome! Thanks for playing it!

heck ya, thanks for sticking with it! We'll have to seriously consider the quickness of our difficulty ramp in future jams.

thanks for trying it out, maybe next time you'll win! ;) 

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yay, get goo crunk!

Thanks for playing the game, we're very happy that you enjoyed it!

ah, dang. You hit that elusive bug. We thought we had it fixed but sounds like it snuck through. Sorry you hit that

Thanks for playing. There are 16 levels total. The long shots can be tough to get the hang of. Good luck!

Nice! Stoked you finished all of the levels. Thanks for the feedback!

Cats rule!

 The sound design is top-notch and I really enjoyed the artwork. Those intro graphics gave me ps1 vibes which I enjoyed heavily. If you decide to follow through with this game, it would be awesome to print it out on a CD. 

This really had a great vibe going to it, It's a bummer you weren't able to finish it. Thanks for sharing it regardless of that fact though!

This was a really fun play. The it took me a minute to realize i was supposed to interact with the hourglass. Maybe some visual feedback or tutorialization would help here. After I figured that out I was blown away when I first "joined" the crystals "together". Really cool way of incorporating the theme. I will say that the colliders were pretty rough on the 3d platforming, especially on the elevators. 

Overall I had a lot of fun playing this game!

This game is really clever.  I like how at times things feel out of control but if you just follow through it seems to work out. The connection between the blocks and the player is really unique and was really intriguing. The spikes maybe might be a little harsh? but I think I was at the last level so maybe rightfully harsh. I have to take a break from it because I just can't get his spiky level. 

Anyway, this is a really cool game! I'll have to give it another shot when I cool down a bit, lol.

Very nice submission! The difficulty ramp felt right. The big boi was appropriately difficult. You approached the "split screen where you control both character" mechanic really well. It made me think but didn't feel frustratingly difficult. I especially liked the synergy in level design where the left was collecting mana while the right was fight ghouls.

Very dope :D

Wow its amazing you guys were able to make a game with online multiplayer! I didn't actually run into anyone unfortunately but I had fun running around hacking dragons! It would be cool to add pickups and ranged abilities in the future!

Really cool game! You got me hooked for a while! The second level felt a little too difficult compared to the levels after it. I'd work on easing into the difficulty a little more. That said, I really love how you approached the theme and I thought that the puzzles were really clever!

I did notice one thing that might make the UX a little better. When I'd line myself up for a vertical path, and once I was ready to start moving downward, I'd often hit the corner of the hitbox even though it looked like I had plenty of room. I think just allowing a little more room to move around would make it a little less frustrating when working toward a puzzle. 

Overall I think it was a great experience!

Hey there! This is a really charming game here. I really enjoyed mixing and matching animal/random object parts. Once I figured out that there was no goal, it was really fun to play around with. I think it would help to increase the hit box size for each joint so that they're a little easier to connect. Some polish to be made there, but that's expected with a game jam game!

thanks for the playthru jackson! Glad you enjoyed it!

Ahh, this is my type of game! Really great UI and UX. I wish there were more celebration and FX when you get double combos or simply when making a connection.

Nice job!

Ahh, this is my type of game! Really great UI and UX. I wish there were more celebration and FX when you get double combos or simply when making a connection.

Nice job!

The design of this game is really unique and creative. I really like the process of discovery as you're playing. I neglected to pay attention to the tutorial animation before jumping in the game and felt a bit lost when I got in. Having a reference for the objective in a menu screen or something would help people like me who don't read directions before starting :P

But, like I said, It's a really creative design and addicting when you get in there. You just need to give newbies a little more handholding in the beginning. 

I got a high-score of 90! The idea of a matchmaking game with cats is a super cute and clever idea. I think some VFX or some sort of visual feedback when good matches are made would be helpful to make the player recognize when they're doing good. Also, some sort of celebration when reaching the end state of the game would help indicate when it has finished. 

Overall, I think it's a good design but I think it would be better if you added some quality of life to the UI.  A button to re-try the game after you've finished would be a great addition. Also, the high-score text was kind of small and overlapping the gameplay area which was difficult to find at first and hurt the presentation. Those pixel art cat illustrations are super cute though! Nice job!

Yea, that's fair. Thanks again for the feedback and giving the game a try!

This was pretty sick! The sling-shot jump felt really nice. I also like how you decided to make the goals a watermelon rather than a fly, haha! One thing that bugged me is that some of the skinny passages were difficult to get through. Because the frog doesn't lock to a grid, I found myself banging into the corner of the opening a few times. But, overall super cool! 

Great feedback! But... they're cats... y'know? Haha, thanks for playing!

This was really fun to play! The gameplay works really well with theme and the SFX/VFX were really satisfying. I kind of wish the level design was a little bit more open in the beginning to give me a little bit of space to get comfortable with the game mechanics, but that just might be me. It was a little difficult to figure out why the blobs stopped following me, I kept running back but couldn't get them to link back up.  

Overall a really creative game for the theme and well executed in such a short time frame. Nice job!

Woh, those fluid simulations look really neat. I had a little bit of difficulty figuring out how to move the cube around to join the two screens. The movement felt a little too quick and sporadic for such chill gameplay. It looks really cool though!

Thanks for playing purple_dranker!

Thanks! Its amazing what 5 crazy people can do in 48 hours when they work together.

Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate you taking the time to play it!

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I would work on this game for the rest of my life if i could. Thanks for playing! 

agreed. Needs more spice for more cat toots

We always put crunk in the name. Slowly expanding the gamematic crunk universe.

I really like the graphic design. The primary color scheme is really pleasing. I also thought the design was very intuitive and approachable resulting in a really chill time. Nice job!

I really loved the characters and how you used body part swapping between animals for different mechanics. The duck with wobbly meaty arms was really weird, i loved it!

The puzzles were pretty interesting too. The ones where you had to build the pole threw me off for a sec :P

Nice submission!

The way you incorporated the theme in this one is really clever. The skeuomorphic interface was really cool and the pixel art looked great. The puzzles were pretty dang cool too!

This game is radical! Nice job!


This looks great! I played through it and had a real chill time.

Very chill game. The puzzles weren't very hard but everything ran smoothly and it was very approachable. The minimal aesthetic worked really well for this.

The camera gets a little jerky but overall nothing too terrible.

loved it!

Hello everyone, I am very sleepily posting this topic on to inform you that my friends and myself have submitted a game to the GMTK 2021 gam jam. We are very excited to share with you all what we managed to put together! 


It has long been a dream of mind to be a professional cat wrangler!

The cats don't always go where you'd expect :D

All of the kitties have escaped and the Oasis is relying on Wrangle Crunk to rescue all of the lost kittties and bring them back to the Oasis! Our goal in the beginning of the jam was to make a cozy RTS, I'm not sure we managed to do that... but it is still quite fun trying to lead cats around with a laser pointer.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the project! If you want me to play/rate your game, leave a comment and I'll give it a go!

Best regards,



Very nice art work! The controls feel nice and tight and the game progression seemed to ramp up nice and smoothly. It was a little hard to tell where the colliders were making it a little different to get good at the game. But, overall I really liked how it felt and looked!

Nice job!