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Hello Konoi! Thanks so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment. Even to say the demo is difficult to play - that sort of feedback is very useful. I had anticipated that the stat requirements were too high - when I testrun my own games I don't pick up on these things since I obviously know exactly what to aim for. However the new demo is due Monday 25 Feb and I have considerably lowered the requirements so as not to punish players for trying a little of everything. I'll see if I can put a guide download link as well.

Each knight has three main stats yes, but they actually have a fourth as well - literacy, since a squire needs a decent reading/writing skill. Lyall also needs a higher literacy than the other two.

You make an excellent point about a NSFW warning, I'll be sure to put it on the new demo release.

Without too many spoilers, there is definitely a longer plot centred around Errol in later stages of the game, but that's a long way off yet. Initial final game release was August 2018 but I strongly suspect it won't be done by then - more like end of 2018. I do plan to release content month by month though (first on Patreon, then public), rather than making you wait a whole year for a finished product.

Oh I see, thank you!

I've tried to train literacy in some of my playthroughs, but since I'm too bad to even get high scores in the other things, it was impossible haha! I'll wait for the updated demo then!

And I understand, don't worry - it's better to take your time and make the game that'll make you proud rather  than rush things. It'll be most satisfying for the players too!

Hi again! 

Okay, so, I've played the updated demo - though I didn't visit absolutely every option for now - I'll leave that for the full game or for when I'll have time to spend on it. I must say it was nice playing without being frustrated by the stats haha! But that makes me curious - what were the requirement tiers before? Either there is a huuuge gap between what was asked before and what's asked now, or I was always unlucky and trained the "lesser" skills more than the most important ones (then again, I'm really bad at that stuff haha)
I also love the improved art - the small adjustements and the new backgrounds both! Which makes me think I believe I didn't say that before, but I really enjoy how the art style for the characters really is reminiscent of old medieval paintings on wood - in the poses, the style of the faces and all that stuff. It's obviously intended that way, but I'm curious - is it actually your "normal" style (well, or the artist's, if you're not the person who's drawing) or is that peculiar style made for the game? Oh and also, will the map on the menu screen be colored or left as it is?
I would also like to make another suggestion - wasn't able before since I couldn't "win" the previous demo. Maybe you should change the music for the last day if the players gets a favor? At least once the courrier arrives, I mean. That music feels pretty sad considering the scene - I got an immediate reaction of "don't tell me I failed AGAIN even now?!" when I heard it play haha!

Anyway, thanks for the awesome update and good luck with your other project!

Hi! There was a fairly significant difference between the stat requirements in the first demo, yes. There was still ample time to meet the requirements, but while testing I hadn't properly factored in that people would experiment with all the choices, or not know which knight they planned to aim for from the getgo. Plus 1 point could mean the difference between a good and a bad end so you may well have come very close to winning the original a few times without realising it.

I'm glad you like the art style! I'd say it's fairly close to my usual drawing style, but maybe I took inspiration from tapestries and stained glass windows without realising, haha. Certainly some of the poses are quite formal.

The map will be coloured eventually. I did a rough colouring of it but it honestly just made it look unfinished and I didn't have the time to make it all neat (or the patience, after staring at it for three days straight).  I'll revisit it eventually! There are definitely a few things in the game that need retouching or even redoing, like the opening CGs.

Hmm, good point about the music - though playing the emotional music for both was intended to make you unsure if you'd won or lost, with hopefully surprised delight if you hadn't! But you're right, it's probably a little too sad for the good ending and I will likely change it in the next release.

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The sad music isn't bad for the start of the scene, but I'd change it when the courrier arrives, since at that point you know it's good haha