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...Okay that is basically the best picture ever. I think Lhoriss probably fancies himself Venus With Man Parts too (except the Man Parts are tentacles). I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for pledging! I didn't get your email unfortunately, but you can message me what you'd like over Patreon and I'll have the sketch done. With your permission, I'll show it off for everyone to see too - or you can keep it for your eyes only if you prefer.

The patron download is buried somewhere in the old posts on Patreon but I'm going to release a new update in the next 1-2 days, so I'd hold out for that instead! That means there's a new public release on the way too...

To be fair, I don't think I put enough of a warning on Corrupter - because I'd work on it, I think I got a little desensitised to just how dark it actually was, haha. Of course, I also felt like it was pretty clear what you were getting into with a game called Corrupter.  Squire is a romance game (just... with gratuitous explicit content) and so it's less to be expected. I do intend to put a blunt warning in the game just before the scene can trigger, however jarring it is.

But it doesn't involve Errol directly no! I'm not sure I could bring myself to (also Errol is underage, though that's not wholly obvious given he's more mature than Leith sometimes...)

Great news if you want to become a patron - you don't need to, of course! Any support you can give it welcome, but never mandatory. The sketch reward was intended to be for Squire characters, but I don't see I couldn't draw one from a different fandom, so long as you can give me a link to a visual reference or something.

Admittedly, it is a drip feed of content, especially with October-November not adding new romantic or explicit content. The alternative is an absolute drought of content while the game is (slowly) finished though so for me, I'd rather release it month by month. Of course, you can just not play until the game is done or you have at least several months worth of content to play through, if you want it to feel more significant.

Don't worry about not being a patron! It's for people who want to (and can afford to) support Squire's development, and as thanks they can play new content sooner than everyone else, but it'll all be public eventually so it's not like you're missing out! That you regularly comment and follow this game's progress is already very flattering.

There is indeed! Under the downloads you can see one called FotS guide, which will give you hints on what to level and (if you're getting truly frustrated) outright numbers you need to achieve.

You definitely clicked Fots 2.2 - MEGA download (Mac) from the options on the game page? The file hosted on itself is PC only, so I doubt it could install on a mac.

For reasons I don't entirely fathom, Itch-io also sometimes won't let downloads happen if it's an external link. Try the direct MEGA download here:!gvA0mSJA!Zu9-ophla4L1WCReybsvNClk8ljXXSieXVSGiU6tZEg and let me know if you have any luck with that.

If the download is working fine but the actual installation doesn't work I'm not sure I can help, as I don't own a mac, and FotS isn't really intended to run on that system.

How weird! Which system are you on (mac/pc) and are you downloading the right version? If you have, maybe try re-do loading? 

Hi Elisius! I'm glad you liked this game - all the art was started and finished in under a month, as well as the writing and coding, so apologies that it's a little rough around the edges! However, there are no plans to update the art at this time. Thanks for playing! 

Hi galaxbee! I didn't actually make the music for this game, as audio is the one thing I have no skills in... I found it on under Nils 505 Feske - perhaps you could look at their website for more info?

Hey there! There's a download link named FotS guide on the main page that should give you a .txt document telling you everything you need to know - including the scores you need to actually achieve right at the bottom, for those who don't want any guesswork whatsoever ;) I know stat raising isn't for everyone, it's mostly there to include -some- manner of gameplay.

Can I ask what you mean by noticing a file - do you mean in the game directory? To answer your question though, it is indeed possible to get favours from all three knights; all you have to do is match all their requirements and you'll have a scene receiving multiple favours, and the option to choose the one of your fancy.

Thanks very much for playing and the lovely compliments!

Hello art926! This game was completed in 1 month as part of the nanoreno game jam, hence the art being a little rough around the edges - there are no plans to revisit it at this time. 

I'm glad you liked the game! It's more about gratification whereas Squire is more about the plot, and of course it's quite alright to be more interested in the former ;)

Hello there! There is in fact a guide you can download on the itch page that will give you some hints (and if you scroll right to the bottom, the outright answers) on what to do. Stat raising is there for the sake of having some gameplay, but I know it's not for everyone.

As for free or commercial, a little of both! You can play up to September in the demo and up to October if you support me on Patreon. However once I've finished November and December I'll start releasing chapters publically, for free. So the patron thing is more like early access!

I had to patch a small error, so I figured while I was at it I might as well create a mac version for you as well - enjoy ;)

Disclaimer though, as I don't own a mac I have no way to test if this game actually runs well on mac or not, or fix any problems if it doesn't. It SHOULD work fine... but let me know if it doesn't.

(1 edit)

I looked into the code: typical of the type of issues I usually have with coding, it's because I typed 'Ovirgin == False' instead of  'Ovirgin = False' . I've corrected and tested it so it should be working now - just waiting for Itch to upload (a very slow process).

I think I probably prefer the corrupt Ollin route as well and I wrote that one last so the writing is possibly better than Atreus route - Atreus hits a very specific type of transformation kink though ('person turns into monster', as opposed to 'person goes sex-crazed') so there are probably people out there who prefer Atreus too.

Hiya, glad you like it so far! To answer your questions...

1) I was tempted to have it in the same world initially, but I'll say no. Most notably, Atreus and his squire have never slept together and would be shocked at the thought, which is the total opposite to FotS

2)It will be free! This is a nanoreno project and so is completely non-commercial :)

Hi! There was a fairly significant difference between the stat requirements in the first demo, yes. There was still ample time to meet the requirements, but while testing I hadn't properly factored in that people would experiment with all the choices, or not know which knight they planned to aim for from the getgo. Plus 1 point could mean the difference between a good and a bad end so you may well have come very close to winning the original a few times without realising it.

I'm glad you like the art style! I'd say it's fairly close to my usual drawing style, but maybe I took inspiration from tapestries and stained glass windows without realising, haha. Certainly some of the poses are quite formal.

The map will be coloured eventually. I did a rough colouring of it but it honestly just made it look unfinished and I didn't have the time to make it all neat (or the patience, after staring at it for three days straight).  I'll revisit it eventually! There are definitely a few things in the game that need retouching or even redoing, like the opening CGs.

Hmm, good point about the music - though playing the emotional music for both was intended to make you unsure if you'd won or lost, with hopefully surprised delight if you hadn't! But you're right, it's probably a little too sad for the good ending and I will likely change it in the next release.

Hello Konoi! Thanks so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment. Even to say the demo is difficult to play - that sort of feedback is very useful. I had anticipated that the stat requirements were too high - when I testrun my own games I don't pick up on these things since I obviously know exactly what to aim for. However the new demo is due Monday 25 Feb and I have considerably lowered the requirements so as not to punish players for trying a little of everything. I'll see if I can put a guide download link as well.

Each knight has three main stats yes, but they actually have a fourth as well - literacy, since a squire needs a decent reading/writing skill. Lyall also needs a higher literacy than the other two.

You make an excellent point about a NSFW warning, I'll be sure to put it on the new demo release.

Without too many spoilers, there is definitely a longer plot centred around Errol in later stages of the game, but that's a long way off yet. Initial final game release was August 2018 but I strongly suspect it won't be done by then - more like end of 2018. I do plan to release content month by month though (first on Patreon, then public), rather than making you wait a whole year for a finished product.

Hey, thank you so much for such a nice review! There's a lot of work to be done for sure, but it's feedback like this that keeps me going. Thanks again for brightening my day, and I hope you enjoy all future content!