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Surprisingly deep and interesting story for a game jam game made in a few hours! Reminds me of games like Cats are Liquid and Thomas was Alone

Only negatives were the jumping and that the pieces don't fit perfectly together

Oh, and the rotating added a lot of...depth to the gameplay. Pun intended


thanks! the pieces were 3D modeled by me and im garbage at 3D modeling so the pieces connection place went a few milimeters off which caused a lot of damage to connecting them both sadly. and the jumping part I used the worst way to check if the objects were grounded I used raycasting.

You learn from mistakes! For a first game this is quite impressive

lol I actually perfected a movement system last week for unity3D but for this jam I diceded to make another since I was using untiy2D. I suck at unity2D. in 3D I have more big brain.