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must be a problem with how I aligned everything, the text is 0.1 meters away from the camera, every now and then the camera does the wierd zoom in effect amd then the text just goes out of screen.

dont download dont touch

I should have never done pixel art

already did

nice so fun but really hard after a while

nice but since you know scratch and you enjoy code blocks use unreal, better graphics, less fps, nodes(kinda like code blocks).also im 13 I too am lerning unity im just being curious what big projects have you done on your own yet? I've done lots! I've built a chatbot, online fps game, but what you've done! I'll guess your older than me so I bet you got something cooler!

I understand mate, im not very good when it comes to music, plus bosca i a rlly bsic


my best is 94.9 seconds and 18 attempts

fix the comment section pls or disable it

wow very fun!

thanks im sad you didnt like the music but what can I say? its made with bosca cieol.

difficulty spike is huge it gets so hard after a while

nice so smooth but quickly make the graphics better!

scratch is not the best it still sucks, one, it runs at horrible fps, two making money off of it is hard, unlike most programming languages scratch has limited statements, Idk, if you cant do 3D and its really weird, In unity I can easily make a chatbot in an hour that replies to most messages, in scratch there is no string.ToLower or String.Contains() so making an AI is very difficult, three hacking it is extremely easy, 3 that game you showed me, must have taken a long time, look I understand you want to protect your engine, but it isn't powerful, engines like unity can hold like 60,000 physics objects if you have RTX 3090 TI and about 10000 if you own a potato laptop like me, scratch you need to make you own physics engine for each game. I've used scratch before and the moment I moved to unity I realized how much time I've wasted on scratch. it serves its purpose but its need to serve it purpose a bit more better.  if you really like scratch so much move to a language like html or CSS, scratch's main inspiration is HTML, because most code is similar to JavaScript, plus its way more powerful. I'm guessing your 13 correct?  if you are your really running behind, you can't get a job with scratch, or one that you can do full time. I went to unity when I was 11-12, I learnt it in 3 days. most people start actually programming when they're 12, they stop using the code blocks that get you ready for the real thing (even in getting you ready for the real thing, scratch does a bad job). its not like I can just type move 10 steps, I have millions of ways to do it, RB.velocity+=, transorm.position+=, ...etc. IMO scratch is a distraction from getting you ready for the real thing, it makes you waste time learning something that almost does nothing with the real thing, so my suggestion move to HTML, before you waste too much on scratch.



plus unreal and unity are easy or even try godot!

yep try using unity or unreal imo scratch sucks

welp heres the solution: it doesnt detect unless the  human goes first and the red goes second due to my rookie coding skills, so frist make the person go in then the demon. I will fix it.

what engine did you use? I feel like this engine is not very good. why you ask? reload the page to restart. in most engines making a restart is easy but why so difficult in this engine. so eh what engine did'ya use?

lol nice

basically if you win r stops working because win == true and pressing r doesnt affect the var

wait oh I see

its supposed to put you back to start of level.

Idk mate reload your page it works perfectly for me

lemme see


want a graphics increase? say no more!

I still have time I'll fix it

mmm... I could've made it better. thanks for feeddback!

thanks! I suck at pixel art

yes run very far

mmmmmm nice but what am I suppose to do add a tutorial


music is epic