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Great music - really atmospheric and reminds me of the film (the gallery scene, at any rate).
I did struggle initially with the concept and controls, but once you understand them, you realise this is quite a clever entry!
My only frustration was that there was no "Delete/Backspace" for commands (even a delete last line would've saved some of my sanity) - rather than throwing it all away due to a typo. However, I later realised that I could just enter a distance of 0 (000) and achieve the same result.
Congrats on making me use both sides of my (or Cameron's) brain! :D


Thanks for playing through Paul! My brother did the music, so I'll pass the praise onto him :)

I agree that would be frustrating! Typing backspace or clicking the blank button next to '0' and '1' clears just the most recent digit (it's a blank button because the symbol didn't show up on webGL - it's on the bug list).