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Tried out your game - I don't think it is that connected to HP, but it has very interesting gameplay which I did enjoy. I also liked the art choice and narrator was a perfect detail making the whole adventure much more enjoyable!

I liked it. I didn't manage to go through, in the desert area I got confused what I'm supposed to do (but then I blame my low skill in puzzles), but generally, I really enjoyed it.

(Angela de Frost)


Thank you for playing the game! I think you misunderstood something there. The Desert-Area isn't supposed to be related to Harry Potter. It's the universe of another film. Maybe you can guess what it is ;)


Desert area was where I just got too confused by puzzles. My comment about HP connection was general, not about desert area . Imo, there is connection but just loose, but its only my personal opinion).


Did you get to the third Universe? Or were you stuck it the pit in tantooine. In order to proceed you just needed to move an item to jump on over.


Well, I jumped over, but then in area with the little homes, I was a little confused what to do (then again, might be my lack of knowledge of the universe)

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Ah.. The Narrator said that the next destination was in the civilization. So in one of the two little homes. Thank you for responding!


Thank you for responding as well :) I might give it a second look if I find the time


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (We are a tad desperate for players XD)