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Very interesting and original story, that's for sure. Good job!

Another beautiful work. Congratulations, Navarro. I adore how you tell the story with sounds, art and emotions, rather than with words.

It seemed like a very short introduction, but it has been very colorful and beautifuly designed adventure. Good luck on further development!

Hello! Played through your entry and it is a really lovely, short little game. Good job! I adore the doodl-y art. :D

It is a really well made and pretty game, with couple of flaws which I believe are result of this being just a demo. I would not keep the version with only joystick controls as different download, as I did not realize and got the wrong version first (I know it is all well titled and such, but it is much easier to miss it than it may seem). I also think information of how controls work plus mini main menu would be a good addition to the demo version rather than just throwing you in game. 

Do you have a release date for final version in mind?

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it greatly! We will work on making zine less tiring to read through.

Hmm, we thiught this font won't be too hard to read. Is there any specific thing that makes it hard to read (eg. is it the all caps thing making it hard t read?) or do you find it hard to read in general?

Which font exactly you mean? Pixel-like one is rarely used, mostly for design purposes. Thank you for checking us out! 

its fine, I just thought I'll let you know :) Keep on making good games!

Well, after some more tries, I can make the guys on top move, or the ladies below clean the (unused) baths, but tickets in the right left corner keep on piling up, and I haven't managed to earn even one piece of gold; baths stay empty, are they supposed to be so?

Simple but enjoyable game, however unplayable in browser before it cuts out most of the screen?

Anyway, really nice little game. I enjoyed it aplenty!

A very well made game in such short span of time! Good use of theme, simple but engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics and audio (I enjoyed both music and sound effects aplenty). Congratulatons on creating this beautiful game!

I'm a little confused - I follow the instructions but nothing seems to happen?

A nice simple game, I would make it a little more challenging (often I could see bit of a zombie, why they couldn't see me), but it's a really good start.

Thank you for responding as well :) I might give it a second look if I find the time

Well, I jumped over, but then in area with the little homes, I was a little confused what to do (then again, might be my lack of knowledge of the universe)

Desert area was where I just got too confused by puzzles. My comment about HP connection was general, not about desert area . Imo, there is connection but just loose, but its only my personal opinion).

Tried out your game - I don't think it is that connected to HP, but it has very interesting gameplay which I did enjoy. I also liked the art choice and narrator was a perfect detail making the whole adventure much more enjoyable!

I liked it. I didn't manage to go through, in the desert area I got confused what I'm supposed to do (but then I blame my low skill in puzzles), but generally, I really enjoyed it.

(Angela de Frost)

I gave it a look today and left a rating. My observations:

Game is buggy; I understand it was for a game jam, but first run game was soundless, I clicked out to check my sound levels and game died. Then, I started it again and music in the menu was amazingly loud despite my sound levels being rather low. Generally, music tended to disappear now and again, for no reason. 

Also, I found a bug which is one of those annoying bugs: when you enter answer to the puzzle, if it's correct, it automatically shows.It's not "natural", natural for a user is to his enter once you put your answer (in the way it is shown in this game), and when you hit enter, if it's correct, you see "correct" for 1 sec, then it suddenlt turns to "incorrect" screen and you need to restart the game.

One more thing, that is not a bug but an observation: with the puzzle where you need to type in names of food it would be good to name those foods. Art was well done and I usually knew what is what, but wasn't 100% with everything. 

And 7UP 2R 1L 16D puzzle is still enigmatic to me. I guessed on this one, unsure what I'm supposed to do.

However, it is a really well made little game given the time you had to create it, and I think covered the movie scene well. I really enjoyed it. Visuals were really nice, and puzzles were intriguing. Congratulations!

We are planning on it! Maybe not in February issue as we chose some other things to focus on, but soon :) Thank you for taking the time to check the Indie Arcade out!

If you ever would like to collaborate in any shape of form, feel free to contact us!

Thank you! And thank you for making amazing games :3