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I thought this was just awesome to the point where I have played it a couple of times. Well done DEVS

Thank you a lot! That means a lot to us! Really? Another Let's Player? Man, I am supposed to be working on the trailer for the game right now and not watch videos all day! 


Let me know when you've done the trailer and i'll have a watch for you.

Totally awesome game and I can't think of any improvements except for a trailer.


Hi Game Designer here, Thank you for playing our game I watched the playthrough and learned quite a bit on what we could improve on! It means a lot to me that someone would play it several times! (especially since it was a headache making all four potential paths work with the Narrator XD) If you enjoyed it it would mean a lot to have our game rated for the movie game jam here:

Also we made the 58 second trailer if you want to see below!