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They're not really one after the other, they're both at the same time I guess. No specific order

They're both in the same multiverse, it's not an alternate timeline.

I don't know what blue guy or pink guy you're talking about

Doodle zone: Yes, it's serves as an exit point for happy zone, and happy zone is a MACHINE

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In happy zone ,the blue guy asks you to buy the pink dye from shop zone . And then the cat proceeds you to ask the girl before you get pink dye .

Yes it's the same blue guy

(1 edit)    . Your development history says players have ability to climb in machine . And you said happy zone is a machine . Do you mean that just wait until song ends in snow zone and we’ll be in machine ? 


You didn’t upload your development history for happy zone ? I used search engine (  , ) to search such information , but I didn’t find the devlogs . 

HAPPY WORLD dev log:

HAPPY ZONE dev log:

Do you ignore the logs on itch website ?    . I replied to your development history , but you didn’t answer me . 

And I knew you uploaded happy world dev logs to tigsource forums , but I didn’t know happy zone dev logs. You don’t need to tell me happy world development history .