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I`ve got the same picture replaced by text, and like you I was missing three pictures for a while. 
I wonder if it was the same three? If so I can tell you how I got them, but I don`t want to post spoilers here...

I'ts ok to post spoilers if you warn everybody about them. 

I don't have 4th in 1 page, 1st in 2nd page, 2nd in 5th page and 3rd in 7th is the one raplaced by text.

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Hmm...those are three different ones than I was missing. Lemme play through and see if I can figure out how I got them. ^_^

And yup, same for me that the 3rd one on the 7th page is replaced by text. 




(Is that enough warning? :P ) 

I`ll eventually write the whole walkthrough. But for the moment:

Partial Walkthrough


First of all thanks so much for taking the time to make a walkthrough that's pretty neat :D and Is that gallery glitch still there? Omg I've tried fixing it like 3 times already -__-;  Is this from a game you've downloaded before or after my last patch update?


I have newest version.  And thx for walktrough too :) 

My version was downloaded feb 3, and the update was listed as Jan 30th, so I should have the most current version. And yea, it`s not showing up. I tried going after it in both censored and uncensored modes. :(