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I can't wait until the game actually comes out!
I've only played the demo once so far, but I already have suspicions on who the 4th bachelor is (unless he's not in the demo, in which case never mind :P ) 
Also I love how expressive your sprites are. ^^ 

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In case anyone is interested, I wrote a review for this game, over on my website! ^^ Overall, it's a cute game and I think is worth a playthrough (or two, to get the other achievements...and possibly three because I have yet to beat the apple bobbing game).

And if you really get stuck on storyline quests, I have a "walkthrough" for those as well! (I made it after I spent like ten minutes clicking on things for one of them >.> )

In summary, cute and fun game. Target audience is probably preteens.
The second I've played in this series, though I don't have a review written for the other one yet.

After playing the demo, I have to say, I am sad to have missed the kickstarter.

 I did notice that one of the voices had `demo` listed. Does that mean that it wasn`t the final voice? 

This is definitely going on my `want to buy when it comes out` list. ^_^ 

Also yay twins as an option! 

My version was downloaded feb 3, and the update was listed as Jan 30th, so I should have the most current version. And yea, it`s not showing up. I tried going after it in both censored and uncensored modes. :( 

I went back and found the other two endings. ^_^ I also made a walkthrough, and wrote a short review

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I like the story, but as of where I am in it so far, this is definitely not a game, but rather a story to read and enjoy.

This is a nice STORY. This is not at all a game, which was disappointing. My full review can be found here

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Hmm...those are three different ones than I was missing. Lemme play through and see if I can figure out how I got them. ^_^

And yup, same for me that the 3rd one on the 7th page is replaced by text. 




(Is that enough warning? :P ) 

I`ll eventually write the whole walkthrough. But for the moment:

Partial Walkthrough

I`ve got the same picture replaced by text, and like you I was missing three pictures for a while. 
I wonder if it was the same three? If so I can tell you how I got them, but I don`t want to post spoilers here...

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"I grab the can of Mountain Dew and through it at Lydia."

Based on the other two options, I thought that it should be "throw it at Lydia" or "threw it at Lydia".

Oh, and "Do you walk to the fort?"  Is it supposed to be "Do you want to walk to the fort?"

As I downloaded the game on Feb 3, I assumed that I have the fixed version then. Thanks. ^_^ 

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It`s a short, cute game. In under an hour, I got several different endings (two of which strike me as really sweet and the ideal endings for the main character) and all but 1 picture,  which I did get but claims it`s a broken link. (which I see is a known issue...I thought it was fixed in the patch but apparently not?)

While the punctuation needs help at times, the story itself is well done, and feels realistic to the situation. I do wish we got to see more of the mc`s sympathetic friend, since he seemed to be someone always there for her, but the stories are too short to allow that. 

Edit: Made a longer review here

and started making a walkthrough here

I still saw a the patch not automatically in the download for the game? How do I get it?

Loved it!

For the four days after I bought it, I used all my spare time to try and play all the endings--and there are a lot, which is awesome. There are more than 16!!  

And if you do play every single route, almost all of your questions are answered. ^_^ 

That demo was way too short. I absolutely loved it. I was immediately drawn in by the story, and can`t wait for the full release. ^_^ Will all 7 gods be romance-able characters? Or only three that you first meet? I see that only three is listed above, but I was curious if you had plans to add more if the game is popular enough. 

Can I just point out two small spelling errors that I happened to notice? 

 When Mistress Aya is talking about Yumi when they are first introduced, she says "Yumi is healthy as an ox, the best of her village, and am blessed she made the journey..." I believe it should be "...and I am blessed..."

The second is when the three gods appear. The MC is saying "...I imagine the priests at Great Temple in Otani will know if it." I believe that it should be "...I imagine the priests at the Great Temple in Otani will know of it." 

Cute game! I immediately played through two endings and now need to figure out what the other two are. ^_^