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That demo was way too short. I absolutely loved it. I was immediately drawn in by the story, and can`t wait for the full release. ^_^ Will all 7 gods be romance-able characters? Or only three that you first meet? I see that only three is listed above, but I was curious if you had plans to add more if the game is popular enough. 

Can I just point out two small spelling errors that I happened to notice? 

 When Mistress Aya is talking about Yumi when they are first introduced, she says "Yumi is healthy as an ox, the best of her village, and am blessed she made the journey..." I believe it should be "...and I am blessed..."

The second is when the three gods appear. The MC is saying "...I imagine the priests at Great Temple in Otani will know if it." I believe that it should be "...I imagine the priests at the Great Temple in Otani will know of it." 

Hello, Koryuu, and thank you for the feedback - I'll be sure to get those errors corrected, so thanks for letting me know. I did check the demo myself, of course, but I'm sure there are loads more mistakes, so I'll be getting a proofreader/beta tester to check the script closer to launch. ^_^

To answer your question, it will just be the three gods you meet in the demo who are the romance options. When I began this game, I wanted to see what I could do with a smaller cast of sprites (the other longer game I was working on at the time was BFF with ten romance routes >_<) and one of the themes of the story is supposed to be a sense of isolation, though that probably doesn't come across much in the demo. 

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far - sorry it was too short - and I hope you enjoy the full version on release.