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Yes in the final version

yes :3

Yes, I just made the demo available for download for Linux. If you need this version please test and let me know if it works alright as I'm not familiar with Linux.

omg thank you soo much for reporting these. Testing visual novels is a really hard. These should all be fixed now :D

Hi thanks so much for playing our games. YES we will be actually re-uploading the demo with some extra content, and then we plan to maybe do a Kickstarter to help expand the game later next month in October . Sorry for the lack of news we will be posting more about it sometime. Thanks for being a fan :3

First of all thanks so much for taking the time to make a walkthrough that's pretty neat :D and Is that gallery glitch still there? Omg I've tried fixing it like 3 times already -__-;  Is this from a game you've downloaded before or after my last patch update?

I pretty much deleted and re uploaded the game files on the main page with the fixes. (I don't know how to have a properly patch something that is already downloaded) What typo did you find I don't remember a typo being reported? 

I liked it! Super cute! I was holding my breath hoping everything worked out with the characters. 

That was neat :D

Looking good :D i love the character designs!

Ace Jam community · Created a new topic Lovely Anemone
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I don't have a proper title splash screen yet so here are the main character sprites

Lovely Anemone 

Salena's ex-girlfriend hurt her in ways she never knew were possible. She's pretty sure the break up was a result of her being asexual. Now Salena's afraid to commit to another relationship and has lost confidence in herself. She still wants a girlfriend, but is being uncomfortable and refusing sexual intimacy a deal-breaker? That's when she accidentally finds herself falling in love with another girl, but is afraid to come out to her. At the same time her ex-girlfriend pleads for her forgiveness and wants her back. What will she do?

Kino from Luscious Studio is working on this one solo.

The game has a variety of menu options that leads to different 5 different endings and has over 20 cutscenes.

Not sure how long it is yet. Fingers crossed I can finish it. It's my first game jam on  Will keep you guys posted in the final 15 days. Wish me luck. 

This game is super meta. Loved it. Very creative and the characters and art are super cute <3 Nice work!

I love the artwork and the UI in the game. Nice work keep it up, I can't wait for more.

Really cute game! I love the art and the characters.  Keep up the good work <3

Awww this game is so cute, I enjoyed playing it! Loved the characters and the cute cutscenes at the end!<3 Nice work

Love this game so much! Like older people don't get like any representation so this was a breath of fresh air. The story, the mystery, the writing, the characters all wonderful. Nice work <3 I hope you guys make more games.

Very lovely short kinetic visual novel. The art is gorgeous and the setting is really nice as well. Nice work, I enjoyed it.

Really cute short game. I love the art in it, it's amazing! Nice work <3

I love this game so much. A lot of yuri visual novels I read tend to be very boring and dry but this one is a sweet romantic adventure with some good action and a natural development of romance between the characters. It;s short and I wished it was longer but I also think it ended perfectly as well. Good job :D I hope you guys do more.

Really cute game! I love the graphics and the backgrounds. Very clever premise! I played this one awhile ago and I have been meaning to leave a comment. Very good game I hope you guys do more like it :D

This is seriously the best visual novel I have played in a long time. That includes compared to visual novels on steam that are $10+. All the characters were so damn likeable the dialogue is hilarious and the girl love in it is very sweet and believable. I can't give this visual novel enough praise. I was blown away :3 I hope you guys make more games like this.