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Very nice 80s vibe, definitely good marks for mood.  I know that the skills were meant to offer a progression, but I think I would like some smoother movement up front,  the 'jumping' between rows was a little frustrating at times. 
Some suggestions that I would make (just based on my own preferences)... The collision was a bit too accurate, I think it would be very satisfying and fun to  move to the correct lane and very closely miss a box (like you made it just in time),  but in reality you would always just clip it and end the run.  These near-misses would feel pretty exciting, so allowing the player a bit of an error margin could be good.
The other thing is to have couple of special collectibles, that maybe shot you up onto the ceiling, or jumped a box?  Just to mix up the possible movements you can make.
Overall it is a very nice and polished runner game though, good work.

Thank you! As the matter of fact collision box for obstacles is somewhere at 70% of its visible size, but maybe even lower would be better, thanks for the feedback!
And yes a better starting skill values could have been better I guess.