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wasnt much fun, the size of the game window was far too large for the screen without any resizability. I can say the visuals are incredible, but if i cant even play the game i dont think i can rate much else. Its kind of a shame, cause i was looking forward to this so much.

Thanks for the input CJ. Made the changes right away for anyone else. My bad—I still have a lot to learn about compatibility across screen sizes. I enabled all the screen options, including windowed mode and resizability. Hopefully that will fix any issues (at least temporarily). Sorry about that man!

wonderful. ill take another look later today, then.


okay, so from what i have been able to gather (mainly due to my not having a controller lmao), the gameplays pretty smooth. visuals are great when you get past the crazy freneticism of it all. Soundtrack fits well.

Glad you were able to get it working. I'll be incorporating your feedback as I develop more games!