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so uh, Iv'e beaten LLTA twice now and I think i've encountered some kind of bug on my third playthrough.
After beating the Tombstone boss and going in the "it lives" door, into the stomach, then into the door that leads back to the church, then back again because i wanted to go into the stomcach hole. I forgot to ring the bell so i went back, only to end up in some kind of Blue Temple! i progrogressed through it? then ended up in the overworld? like a big empty white 3D area, walked around for a bit and found my Home, went in and i wasn't there? there was just the blue guy without his apple and the player wasn't on screen

This is a consistent bug with the launch 1.0 version. Unfortunately there's not a great patch system in place, but if you download the current build (1.02), it should be solved (along with a couple other small issues, laid out here). Thanks for the report, and thanks for playing!

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I just installed this game and played through to the part mentioned and have the same issue. 

Thanks for your report, I'll be looking into it this weekend. Can you confirm that the .zip file you downloaded is name "" (with underscores, and not spaces)?

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I did not download a zip, I am using the itch client to manage the files. The folder the game is in does have spaces though. Itch says it is "game 14396, version  #744223".

Ah okay. It seems like the itch client unfortunately didn't play nice with the initial post-launch updates. I'm currently looking into how to solve the issue within the app, in the meantime if you can download the updated files manually from the game page if you want a version without this bug. Sorry for the late reply+inconvenience, and thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.

I managed to find myself at "The Pit" too by accident via exactly as you describe! When dying in the blue labyrinth area I selected GET OUT in the death menu to get to the white space and then when I descend the pit it crashes every time after 2 seconds (roughly), sadly there is no way to fix the save other than restarting as the pause menu does not work in this section. Escape will get you back to the previous screen if you're quick enough but on that section it also fails to bring up the pause menu. I tried this another time in the next new game I did just to make sure and sure enough, another crash! Pretty sure I am using the latest version of the game too, it says v1.0.0.47 dated 27/01/2018, I downloaded it directly from on Wednesday (21st Feb).

Thanks for confirming this - it's been a strange bug to wrangle but I'm taking another look at it now, & will swing an update ASAP.

No problem and many thanks! I'll try out the new version when I can.