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Ok, I was able to figure it out. I guess I was super overthinking it because of the plants.

I can't tell if I am overthinking this or underthinking it. I have tried pretending like I am drawing a certain number of cards each room or each card is adding to a pool of probability for the next symbol. I am still not sure if the plants in each room have relevance, but considering the first has 5 flowers, I cannot find a way to apply it.

Fortune-499 community · Created a new topic Maze help

I am stuck in the maze as I cannot figure out the significance of the flowers past the first screen. The answer doesn't seem to be following your deck in order as it seems to stop working at random past the first one. There was also a time I simply picked Scissors about 6 times and was able to keep moving until it stopped working on the 7th time.

What platforms is this game for? Itch says it isn't available on Windows but I can't see a listing of what platforms it uses.

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I did not download a zip, I am using the itch client to manage the files. The folder the game is in does have spaces though. Itch says it is "game 14396, version  #744223".

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I just installed this game and played through to the part mentioned and have the same issue.