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oh thank you!

Neat environment? I had a bit of trouble controlling this one, camera was constantly panning to the right, couldn't really figure out the rock throwing. Good effort for the 3 hour limit though!

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This was neat! I could definitely feel the upper left bend being significantly rarer than the other pipes, though I didn't really feel like I could macgyver it to the end without them. Liked the music a lot 

Level 3 was the only one I found as well, wonder if there's more to that or if it's more of a leftover feature? still neat though

*really* funny premise/title, cute character design and banger tunes, kind of felt a bit weak/helpless against the onslaught on nightmares with the low fire rate/damage, the power-ups and score were both really appreciated though!

The VCR emulation started out really impressive and by the end i literally didn't realize what i was looking at was playable lmao, really unique visuals and quite unsettling, was bracing the whole time for a jumpscare, so quite effective on the horror tone!

Huge fan of the palette/spritework here, and the movement feels great!! rock solid entry here ^^

this was sick as hell damn!!! think the only thing I was left wanting for was any way to recover heath, but I loved the presentation and concept, upgrades were fantastic, overall great job!!

this was neat! i think the idea of moving a tank around an arena with destructive terrain has legs, was kinda wanting for a bit more of a gameplay loop but for a first go in unity I think this is a bang up job, good work!

Unity can export games in HTML5 if you're looking to make playing it a bit easier, since you can embed the game directly in the games page ^^

Really interesting to see how you translated dooms mechanics here, unsure if it's possible to play perfectly/indefinitely or i'm just bad lmao, was starvin for health pickups. Neat concept and real crunchy, liked it a lot ^^

This was neat! wouldn't have minded a high-score or quick restart option but the combat loop works well and I liked re-rolling to check out the different combinations; think the magic missile ended up being the most efficient but I liked prayer tapping the shield to burn less mana, good job with this!!

sometimes the best features are! >w<

Really loved the palette and art style here! I think the first time i booted it up i had some crazy seed with like 50 rooms, next time was much more lucky finding the boss, cute premise as well! great job with this<33

this was interesting! I really liked the scope of this, nice and tight, and had some fun just exploring the different routes, good job capturing the extremely nonsensical way dreams are strung together!

This was really neat! really liked the art style, really interesting double jump mechanic, adds a decent amount of challenge and depth, though it did leave me wanting for some more control schemes (i'm bad with just wasd! ><) and i liked how the falling death mechanic ties into the dream theme, great work!

neat concept! though i'm not sure I could really get the clouds to randomise? the wall jumping was a really nice touch, i liked scrambling up the sides of clouds ^^

thank you so much!! i really wish i had the time to add in walking animations and art interiors, was really running out the clock close to the end there haahaaaa,,, music as well!! really glad the timeloop concept ended up working out though ;w;
Might do a bit of an update in the future just to fix up some of the wonky stuff if i'm feelin up to it, i'm really glad you had a good time with it!!<33

thank you!!  I'm really glad the timeloop execution worked in the end, I think i only got the game "playable" during the morning of the last day haha

thank you!! definitly had a lot of fun sketching for this one ^^

aaaa thank you!! was a little unsure if the timeloop thing would count for the jam theme but i'm really glad the information > execution loop worked, thank you so much for playing!! <3

Thank you! was goin for a rough sketch like look to match the hazy, undefined feelin of a dream ^^

i'm glad you enjoyed it! really wanted to add background music,  i'm just not very experienced with audio and the usual running out the jam clock problems haha

This was really neat! loved the ground pound mechanic and how it was integrated into the level design, I think the randomised level entrances/exits got a bit weird with popping out of one way walls and such but I had a good time piecing together the layout each new run! 

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oh no worries!! thank you so much, can't wait to check this out!

I really like the spritework here! having a bit of trouble playing the game, as soon as I press a button on either keyboard or controller I get this error message, sorry for the trouble

I enjoyed this! real simple and chill, felt calming hanging out in this neat lil garden, and a some great recipe ideas!

Really unique game-play core that ties in super well with the themes! legitimately impressed, this was real neat ^^

I loved this!! really great atmosphere and great incorporation of gameplay

I loved this!! really great atmosphere and great incorporation of gameplay

Very ambitious!! i didn't really get why it needed a combat system but you did a fantastic job of showing off a multitude of sustainable farming practices in an interactive way, particle effects feel a bit wild! very cool ^^

Really neat style and I'm impressed with the amount of content! got soft locked quite frequently, I'd look at some kind of room reset key if I was gonna take this further. Otherwise really cool entry, impressed!

Very cute lil baa sounds! I was kind of left wanting for some challenge but I think this a solid proof of concept, great job!

Very cute lil baa sounds! I was kind of left wanting for some challenge but I think this a solid proof of concept, great job!

Love the aesthetic and look of this! thought making a builder/farm with no fertilizer/resource upkeep was a good way of showin their sustainability through gameplay ^^

I really loved the look and feel of this, great use of both billboarding sprites and 3d models! music and SFX really contribute to the atmosphere ^^

this was real cool! loved the small peak into this world

this is really cool!! love the SFX, real satisfying to dodge in ^^

This was really cool!! loved the animation and VFX work, gameplay is also a really solid concept that's explored well ^^

I've spent around 10 minutes trying to understand the logic of this game like some kind of evil chess master. I've gotten to the 3rd pass, Color > Size seems to be the most consistent combo?
10/10 would xort again

This was a neat lil game! i think I got about 200 seconds as my highscore, though I dunno if I could've gone much higher with the exponential enemy spawns. love the concept of managing creature ecosystems