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Oh i'm glad you liked the drill mechanic! it's one i've been mulling on for a while, really good to get the concept out of my head and onto an itch page. Thank you for playing!

Thank you! definitely want to revisit this if only to sort out a bit of the collision jank, I'm glad you enjoyed playing around with the drill mechanic!

Cute entry! I liked how simple the main mechanic is, though I was wanting for more of an indicator of when it swaps to night. Nice work!

Really fasted paced, though I found the light switching mechanic really disorienting, almost like a slow motion strobe effect. Neat lil entry

Really cute entry, I love the main characters design! I really struggled with getting past the first pillar, really wasn't sure how to get out of the starting area. The shooting feels good but also super punishing for it to take away your heath when being mobbed by enemies. I think a lil bit more player feedback and re-balancing the light supply gain/loss would really elevate this a lot!

I like how the player has to physically move themselves to see the heath as they're providing the light source, but I feel like this needs to be a bit harder or escalate more if it's an infinite arcade type design, since parking the player in the middle center makes it impossible to die.

This was real neat! felt like a fresh subversion of a vampire survivors type thing with the light mechanic, and I really enjoyed the variety in both enemy behavior and upgrades. Real fun entry!

Pretty impressive to get a LAN multiplayer game up! I found the minigames to be a bit unintuitive, lil more player feedback on that front would help a ton. Good job overall!

I really like the concept of your arrows being both projectiles and lighting the way! Though I had some trouble with the visibility of the enemies, having them be shapeless black orbs in a pitch black room makes em nearly impossible to see. Additionally I wasn't quite sure if the beacons were activating, just a bit more player feedback on that front would help immensely. Always love an FPS with a bow!

This was neat! I couldn't quite figure out how to cast spells, and I felt like attacks needed to be a bit more visible to understand when you're in danger/when the enemy is in danger, but lighting the torches is intuitive enough. good job getting this in within the timeframe!

SUPER quality entry, well designed gameplay loop that engages with the limitation in a clever way. Was a bit overwhelmed by the UI at first but I love the dynamic nature of the buff/loadout system. my only issue was the visibility of the essence pickups due to the white/blue palette, but otherwise had a great time playing this!

This was neat! pretty simple platformer that engages well with the limitation. the wall jumps were a bit wacky but otherwise didn't really have any issues, nice work getting this over the line in time!

Heya! looks really interesting but I unfortunately couldn't get it to play, here's the error message.

This was cute! I'm not really sure why it ends after a specific amount of time, game loop like this seems like it should go on until you get overwhelmed with bugs or something. I liked how the projectiles track to your cursor!

Oh that helped immensely, thank you! was finally able to beat it.

oh nice! i've used Tic-80 before, I really enjoy it's mobile support.

Easily the scariest game of the jam goddam, was really enthralled. This absolutely builds tension but one thing I found myself getting frustrated with was having no way to really tell where the planets were, searching the whole map top to bottom feels nearly impossible with the lack of landmarks or navigation tools. wonderfully tense, fantastic entry.

As much as I appreciate the comedy of wizards smoking weed to cast spells, the depiction of black wizards in this entry is uncomfortably stereotyped.

this one was brutal! dodging the projectiles with such a large character feels super difficult,
the comedy of pulling out a glock on some wizards is appreciated, though I wish it was a little more clear how the hitbox of the gun works, it seems to be a straight line but only if you're on the same y value as an enemy? Really funny entry!

Real cute lil puzzler! I feel like I haven't really seen these colours in pico-8 before, custom palette? Knives and Time Stop is usually a combat or touhou motif so it was real cool to see it used with creative puzzles like this, great work!

high score of 30! Lovely spritework, feel like it moves a bit too fast, almost kinda like a warioware minigame? I think some more complex level layouts might make it a bit less repetitive. Very cute, well polished entry overall

(really impressed with publishing on HTLM5 with your own game engine btw!)

Next time I'd list the AI generation models you've used in the software list, it's pretty blatant.

SUPER impressed with the polish on display here, the battle system is real fun and well thought out, fun character designs, just a super solid entry all around!

This was really neat! I like how the ray of light helps cover when a mage is facing an element they're weak against, and it's a nice simple gameplay loop. Really impressive for your first game and jam entry!

Really cool concept!! I liked how the deckbuilding and spacing of enemies let you balance the risk and reward, I think what kept me from getting properly into it was the placement of the rhythm keys and how central not messing up the rhythm mini-game is. Attacks come vertically but the keys are placed horizontally on the keyboard. It's a bit disorienting, especially with the high speed the notes come in at. Animations, music and concept are all really cool though, real quality entry!

This was super neat! felt like a real *dungeon* crawler, the pitch black lighting and dangerous enemies really give it a tense atmosphere. The lightball mechanic feels fun, unique, and juuust clunky enough combat is stressful, again adding to the desperate tone. I really liked how each enemy had a weakness that pertained to the lightball as well, though I could never quite figure out how to 100% safely kill the bird mages. distracting them with a lantern works but it seems like they can still damage you in melee range, unlike the stunned living armour. Fantastic work, I had a great time with this!

The dialogue and music/sound effects give it a well polished feel, though I really struggled with the gameplay! I kept dying on the first level due to running out of energy (the first energy pickups being green when the rest are red really threw me off).
I think having movement consume energy is a bit too punishing, especially when it trains you to minimize all of your actions, as the final level is extremely hard with that mindset! especially with how chaotic and dense the bullet patterns are once enemies stack up.
I liked how the particle effects stack up on the player wisp, and i'm impressed at the dialogue implementation, Great job getting it over the line within the time-frame of the jam!

304! Clean and simple game-play loop, one upgrade I wouldn't have minded would be movement speed since getting to the tiles is so essential, and I couldn't quite get the aoe attack to work, it just seems like a smaller projectile than the LMB? I like the spritework and having to juggle going for the tiles with fighting the ghosts. Fits the theme and limitation well, nice job!

My pleasure! honestly just increasing the size and damage would do a ton towards making it more viable!

I think that'd be a great change!

(dang thank you! I'm a sucker for sheepdog bangs)

Oh thank you! its not displayed super well in the sprite but I love her silly drill shaped witch hat. On square-holing, absolutely encouraged! the main mechanic is clipping through walls, it'd be a bit criminal if there wasn't a way to make your own shortcuts and such from the intended path

I'm glad you liked it!! i'd love to revist this idea sometime and tighten up some of the collision quirks like that, make the drilling operate on a proper grid, etc. Thank you for playing!

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Thank you! If i go back to this I'll definitely be polishing up the art a bit, I'm sure there's a way to make them instantly distinct while using a limited palette (dithering on the dirt possibly?). Glad you had fun with it!

Thank you!! I REALLY wanted to add a counter for the crystals as well as displaying the final time, was running out the clock though. def something to add if I go back to this!

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Managed to get a 41! was deeply confused at what was happening at first but got the hang of it eventually, I'm a little confused why you can move when the play area is so small and it's more optimal to stay in the center of the room.
I liked how you could get a bunch of ghosts at once if they were grouped up, I think a mechanic that'd take this up a notch would be some way to nudge the ghosts in different directions so you can purposefully group them up for a big combo
For your first unreal and jam project this is real decent work, you've got a simple arcade game loop that works well with the limitation, nice job!

(also in the future I'd have a look at reducing the filesize, or possibly embedding straight in the page to make it easier to play, 600MB is HUGE)

Managed to get a 1:56! Fun animations and soundtrack. The Crystal attack feels super risky for such a small, low damage projectile, but I really like the interplay of it being your health and ammo simultaneously, collecting more also encumbering your platforming forces you to not horde them which is a neat. Real quality entry!

This was neat! Definitely works well with the theme, was a bit confused by the box moving mechanic at first but got the hang of it. having the long cast time of the light spell and needing to upkeep it near constantly is an effective tension builder, but I felt like I was mostly scared of getting sent back to checkpoint instead of fear of the eldritch. Great work with the jam!

Thank you! had this concept kicking around for a while so it felt really good to finally get it out and concept proofed, wanted to give it a real earthy palette!

Thank you! I was running into that a bit when designing the levels, I think it's to do with how I did the player characters collision and movement states? Once I'm a bit more familiar with the engine I'd really like to give it a second pass to tidy up some of those issues, thanks for checking it out!

This was neat! was fascinated how quickly I got desensitized to the violence of devouring, going from inanimate objects to living ones you feel guilt, going from cats to people less so. Lovely sprite-work as well!