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This game feels like if Broadchurch (TV show) was turned into a game! :) Which is to say, I liked it, and look forward to the full release. The music and story are good so far, and I haven't even finished the demo yet! I'm just going to throw this out there, but when picking dialogue options, it would be nice if there was a dot (or something)  in front of the currently selected dialogue to make it easier to see which one I'm picking. For some reason, the color difference isn't enough and I sometimes pick the wrong dialogue because I wasn't sure which one I was on. 

Glad you like the demo! :) Just wanted to make sure; did you download the updated version of the demo? It was uploaded about 14 days ago, and fixed some of the issues you're talking about (Different speakers had different colored text - blue, green, black etc) Let me know, thanks! 

Yes, it was the new update. I didn't have a hard time differentiating who was talking (the colors helped in that regard). It's when I'm choosing my own responses. The way it's handled now is fine, but it would be quicker to know which dialogue choice you're picking if there was a small dot or something in front of the choice you're highlighting. Oh, another option is to maybe italicize the option you're highlighting.

Ah alright. Will look into that, thanks! :)

No problem! Keep up the great work!