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Frostwood Interactive

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I'm sorry I missed your comment. Were you able to get around it? Just to check if you ran the correct version - did you see options for "load game" in the main menu? Did the main menu camera scroll down when loading the game? If not, you might have run the old version. Let me know, thanks!

The full version will be available later this year!

Thanks :) Also, the text boxes issue has been solved in the updated version which was uploaded on 14 Jan. It has other fixes too, and your saves will carry over. Might want to give it a shot!

Hi, did you try downloading the updated version? The save game should be compatible with the new version, and you should be able to continue from that point onwards.

Hi Raithias, thanks for playing! As for the control scheme, the plan is to overhaul it for the full release :)

Thank you :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, especially the little touches ;)

Thank you!

Thanks Guinverre :)

Thank you!

Thank you :)

Glad you like it so far!

Thank you!


Thanks GameGabe!

Glad you like it :)

Thank you!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad to hear you like it so far! (Especially the walking animation ;))


Thanks RadiCarl! Glad you liked it :)

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Thanks for playing! I found your commentary pretty entertaining ;) 

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Hi, thanks for checking it out! I enjoyed watching your playthrough of it as well :) I'll be back for episode 2!

Thanks! :)