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Hi! The game will be priced at $11.99, for Windows and Mac! It'll be out on Feb 1st :)

I'm super excited to announce that Rainswept comes out on 1st February for PC and MAC! :D

Wishlist here -

Let me know how it goes and if you run into any issues! :)


Hi Leon, I noticed you had a couple of bugs in your playthrough (ghost didn't appear, mechanic scene etc) Can you tell me which file it was that you downloaded? Mac/ Windows? It'll help me out during bug fixing. Thanks! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it Leon, and thanks for the great feedback and good wishes! :)

Thank you for playing, Rossnator! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that the Indiegogo campaign for Rainswept is now live! Please consider supporting the game by following this link: 

Also, here’s the new trailer: 

What do you think? Let me know!

- Armaan

Thanks :)

Thank you! Glad you like it :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Hope you got past the bug :) If not, you could always get the updated 32 bit version (or the 64 bit one)

Not sure if this is a related issue, but the images in all my devlogs aren't showing anymore either.

Got the same issue with my devlogs - images appear broken (even on older devlogs)

Sure, will do!

If this was the 32 bit version, just re-download the updated version. It should be fixed now :)

Hi (And sorry for the late response!) I've been trying to make a linux version of the demo but usually something else ends up taking priority (as this would require me to install and test it on linux) So a linux demo is planned, it might just take a few days! I'll let you know if/ when it's up. Thanks :)

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Announcement: Just a heads up - The 32 bit version that was uploaded today has a bug that is being currently worked on. The fixed version should be up in a few hours!

Edit: The fixed version is now up, but if you have the choice, the 64 bit version is the recommended one to download.

That is definitely a bug!! Can you tell me which version/ file it is that you've downloaded?

Were you able to get past the bug?

If you have a 64bit system then you can download that version - the bug is only in the 32 bit one :) The save games should be compatible, let me know if it works for you.

Can you tell me - did you download the 64 bit version or the 32 bit one?

Hi! I've been able to identify the issue, thanks for pointing it out! There should be a fix up in a day or two - I'll keep you updated.

Hmm that's odd. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it.

Hi, sorry about this. Did you try restarting the level? And did you go all the way to the left?

Thank you!

Thanks :) I'm thinking of trying to find a middle ground between the two styles, maybe keep the old eyes but add a gradient to the skin like in the new one. Also this isn't the detective, it's a different character.

Thanks Lazy.pun!

Thank you :)

Alright, cool :)

Ah alright. Will look into that, thanks! :)

I've uploaded a .Zip file, give it a shot and let me know if it works!

Glad you like the demo! :) Just wanted to make sure; did you download the updated version of the demo? It was uploaded about 14 days ago, and fixed some of the issues you're talking about (Different speakers had different colored text - blue, green, black etc) Let me know, thanks! 

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Hey Kyros, sorry for the late response. A 32-bit version of the game has now been uploaded, let me know if it works and if there are any issues!

Hey RockTheGolem!

So I checked your video for the feedback: More than a few people have had issues with the controls, and had difficulties interacting with some objects. These issues will be worked on for the full game (maybe rebindable keys, or even the option to choose a point and click interface!) 

Also, the demo was replaced with an updated version on Jan 14, I'm guessing you'd downloaded the original version before that? This updated version fixed the "walking out of the scene" bug, and the collision bug where you could push Officer Blunt around. It also introduced dialogue skipping, which allowed you to skip complete conversations if you'd already heard them. The full changelog can be found here: In case you did download the new version, let me know. I'd then have to check if the wrong file is up for download on the page! And thanks for playing :)

Thank you! Atmosphere is one of my favorite aspects in video games. I'm glad I've been able to create it in this game too!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks! Character animations are going to be worked on for the full release ;)